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Welcome to Savage Cash, hosted by your Superhero Cryptocurrency Expert, Suppoman! You will also learn how to trade and invest in it, learn how I conduct technical analysis, coin analysis & ICO analysis.


  1. For those who missed ico on Neurochain if you vote for them to be listed there will be an air drop if you vote for them and they get in top 3 and get listed. Nothing to lose as well as tokens you buy to vote HT tokens get refunded after vote is over. The vote is on Hadax starts tomorrow for 3 days. You have nothing to lose by voting and free Neurochain tokens to gain.

  2. If investing in EOS is illegal for gringos, why should we buy before the mainnet even if we could do KYC on Binance???? Is Friday REALLY the EOS main net launch? Will it bull and drop like many ICOs?? I think you are so awesome, never let the trolls get you down. you are the bomb.

  3. When things are slow, as they are now, 2 short videos a week is plenty. Gives suppoman a chance to rest up when the bulls comes!

  4. Crowd machine is doing Apps without any coding, you as as app creator, what do you think? I like these people and their mission. Can you investigate Crowd machine for us??? I could do an app for Permaculture!!! invest in trees!!!!! and ecosystem species and techniques.

  5. Haha Suppo you are fun to watch, but you really are the perfect contra indicator. When you feel like holiday time, it means we saw the perfect bottom and going upwards from here. I exited the market when you and other youtubers were mad at anyone who was bearish (Julian Hosp) and now at the bottom you told people that the market will go even lower. But still I like you and I appreciate your hard work😀

    We will see the biggest moves in BTC in the next 3-6 months. We have the perfect mixture for a huge rise! The reason is that the whales accumulated a lot of BTC and they know they can’t force the market more down. The super rich get paranoid exactly right now because of another systemic debt crises and look for a hedge against systemic risk. A lot of money will pour into BTC and ETH very very soon. Prepare for that guys, the runnup will come very soon and very hard and a lot of people will miss it!

  6. looking forward to July 2018!!! Id love to have different than a Ford Explorer 97! With a cassette player. You are my FAVORITE suppo. Love love love from Montana.

  7. i don't care if you talk about crypto you are just hilarious anyway..keep talking about random stuff!

  8. It's a BMW Z4! look in the reflection of those shitty sunglasses he wears all the time!…all that money and no swag!!

  9. So much to talk about in Crypto. But Prices high, everyone chats and Prices low, it gets quiet. Would be nice if there were more who were truly dedicated to the space in full. Prepare for extreme weak hands if BTC dips from current levels.

  10. sorry been out of touch for a while. what is this non blockchain technology that is going to beat the likes of ethereum, cardano, neo and eos?

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