VLOG: Futurama 2018 – Rocking Dubai with Blockchain

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Held in the shimmering city of Dubai, the Futurama conference melds technological innovation with tactful insights. I want to share some of the experience and insights, with to Key discussions : Is Bitcoin a bubble and the Initial Community Offering.

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  1. The sand looks like a pyramid, never make any financial representation look like a pyramid.

  2. Airdrops are better than ICOs — if the company being formed is legitimate. Reduced risk for stakeholders. I recommend making a video on solely this topic.

  3. and we met here 🤓 Its was a great conversation! Hope to see you soon…✌🏼 Miko’s speech was damn amazing 🙂

  4. 0:55 If I was fortunate enough to attend such a conference you can bet I would take 5 minutes to clean up a bit. Loose the T-shirt, brush my hair, act like I'm not at the beach ffs. This is not the image I want representing me at such an event.

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