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Virtual Currency Needed! Coinbase, Vitalik and Justin Sun

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  1. No respect needed. You beta males need to grow some balls. Alpha dogs go for the throat. You will never be able to understand.

  2. Hi Jeff – love the lifestreams and all your content – thanks buddy for all your great advice- safe travels!! Your a legend – our family favourite crypto commentator and genuinely good bloke!!

  3. Jeff, you have spoken about bringing currency to poor people without bank accounts. This can be done and without internet connection with Invacio. And it has a crypto bank and wallet. Trading platform. Investment from business. It’s real world and based on AI. I’ve been following you for months and am surprised you have not reviewed something you have been wanting for so long.

  4. Dubai was one of the early adopters of Blockchain technology and looking to use it for many of their government transactions by 2020. Great opportunity. Just FYI

  5. Seriously bro, you give the bank the wrong information and then complain that the payment is delayed, ridiculous. I like Crypto but there are already plenty of ways to reliably send money fast, easy, safe & cheap.

  6. Totally agree! The IRS software for e-file is only really made for 1040EZ filing. God forbid you have a Schedule C or D to fill out. Then it won’t calculate anything correctly.

  7. to be fair, if you sent him the wrong public key you still wouldnt have gotten paid but nobody would have been able to recover it. Still agree with your point though, love the channel!

  8. When people experience stories like these, they'll see the usefulness of virtual currencies. Just ask the people of Venezuela, Argentina, Zimbabwe, etc. etc. etc.

  9. Well at least you could retry the desposit… with crypto gone is gone… so it's two sided….we hate the banks for being to burocratic and regulated but we like the security… it would be a big invention if this was possible with crypto too…

  10. Justin Sun also said he’s grateful for Ethereum supporting TRX the past 6 months and they’ve benefited a lot from Ethereum. He also mentioned an airdrop for eth users in the coming quarter, but we obv need more info on that.

  11. Re : Tron. You may not like Sun but everything he said was True. ETH is last gen. ETH is old and a dog. Tron is the future. Vitalik can’t admit to his baby’s shortcomings and that’s what’s kept ETH from being #1.

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