Today’s News! (Live From Crypto Invest Summit Los Angeles)

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My name is Omar (Crypt0). Welcome to the Home of Cryptocurrency News, with a look toward a decentralized political, financial, and sociological future- Vive La Revolucion! As an Ethereum Miner, Bitcoin enthusiast, and stock investor, I love catching up on the latest news. With this, I develop my own opinions, that should further assist you in developing your own.


    00:04 Introduction
    01:24 Market Overview
    02:32 EEA Releases Business Standards
    05:30 Hacked BitGrail exchange gets shut down 3 hours after relaunch
    07:02 SEC unlikely to declare Ethereum a security
    10:23 Bitcoin Hashrate
    11:20 BMW, Ford, and GM form blockchain coalition
    13:56 OpenBazaar Redesign
    15:35 Conclusion
    15:50 Responding to Comments

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  2. I would stay away from anything to do with Italian people or , with Italy , except for food . I know my people ! , I know my country

  3. Omar you said that u get free airdrops everyone u open your Yeh wallet. Where do u store it buddy? How can I get it? Is there any video u recommend to learn the process of how to store? Thanks buddy. U r awesome. It's 5 am here in Sydney. I usually start my days with your videos everyday. Keep it up.

  4. Been on vaca for 2 weeks haven’t looked at my portfolio till today… EOS thank ya! Boom baby! Whooooo! (My best rick flair) nice to catch up on some good ole crypt0 news.

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