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Welcome to Savage Cash, hosted by your Superhero Cryptocurrency Expert, Suppoman! You will also learn how to trade and invest in it, learn how I conduct technical analysis, coin analysis & ICO analysis.


  1. What about the BlockGrain ico , now cargill company also started invested in this company , so can it be a good idea to invest in this ICO, Kindkly help me.

  2. I forgot my wallet password and I had so much bitcoin in the wallet i couldn't let go I tried the 12 word phrase I couldn't recover damn thing I was hyper and worried a month later I went to Russia for a submit where they discussed so much about crypto currencies and it future during the break I was discussing with one of the delegate that attended the same submit I told him about my ordeal in crypto I was scared of investing more money he smiled and he told me he knew of a firm in Russia that would help out he said they are one of the set of hackers in Europe he told me would help. I was doubting I felt it was impossible with all read on crypto my $18000 was recovered back untouched. He didn't let me down and never disappointed me. Been scammed twice but summoned my courage when I reached the computer guy (hackerrobert001atgmaildotcom) who helped put things together. Until you meet the right help, things might be difficult for you but once you key into the right direction, help will always come your way.

  3. You're a legend Bro. Would love to buy you a pint one day. I'm in it for the long run and appreciate your drive and confidence.

  4. CarVertical Suppoman, your ICO of choice early 2018, launching next month their first product.

  5. 🎵 We're gonna win this race🎵 (In the voice of Eddie Murphy imitating Elvis Presley.)😅😅 Yes we are!

  6. "buy when people are scared and sell when people are greedy" Warren Buffet

    Suppo is on it!

    Suppoman has made me $4000 from an initial investment of only $480,im on government payments and jobless!

    Powerledger ICO and Electroneum ICO(i was one of the lucky ones that got them out at the peak😅)

    I have earnt more than my mates with jobs and i went on holiday for a month, thanks to suppo and the power of Crypto✊✊✊✊

    Keep the faith comrades and keep up the good work Suppo! You are a gentleman and a scholar!

    I did my own research and brought 1000 cardano at 2 cents, but i got panicked and sold at 6 cents…. It smashed through the stratosphere to $1! The lesson that always works:

  7. Thanks a lot Suppo, just what i needed today.
    You must've started same time as me, just over a year ago, thanks for informing us and staying strong.

  8. Keep studying, I have a strategy of flip flopping between my coins which doesnt see any visual gains in a downward market but when it goes up it explodes………and has to be around the satoshi price……..Example yesterday Skycoin was up 45% and digipulse was down about 18% so I just swap sky for digipulse which can double or triple overnight and often does……….then flip flop digi with whichever coin is down…..both coins must be at more than you paid for them…..and I end up with mega amounts of coins, but needs patience and belief.

  9. Bro, don't mislead the people nor yourself…I have a friend who is in it for 5-6 years and is a crypto millionaire now…he told me months ago that the crypto world is a balloon that's destined to pop eventually, and most likely it will pop this year, maybe next year…I didn't believe, or maybe didn't want to believe him…but we got to face reality someday. Don't talk about things people only want to hear, because you will disappoint them eventually. You had lots of misguiding talks about for example trinity network, we don't hear you talk about those blunders, only about your guesses which were right, which makes you really look like some kind of supoman. I am not here to bash you, but open the eyes of viewers who can make big mistakes by taking everything you say too seriously.

  10. Well done Suppo, credit where credit's due, more content down this path bud, most of us in position just need to feel the love.

  11. OMG I got to ride in a Model S yesterday. It was amazing! Think when I make a killing from my bags, I think it won’t be a lambo for me but a Tesla X. Can we start a new trend and say “when Tesla”. Instead of when lambo???? 😊

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