The Crypt0 Minute #17 – Top Winners & Losers / Telegram Protest Arrests / Iran Banks Ban / More!

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My name is Omar (Crypt0). Welcome to the Home of Cryptocurrency News, with a look toward a decentralized political, financial, and sociological future- Vive La Revolucion! As an Ethereum Miner, Bitcoin enthusiast, and stock investor, I love catching up on the latest news. With this, I develop my own opinions, that should further assist you in developing your own.


  1. Hey Omar, As I was checking my ERC-20 wallet today, I found some unknown tokens. Looks like a scam to me. Here's the smart contract address 0x4FEE2D21aaCA705B70f86db48FE4b166482f7700
    Can you look into this and maybe figure out who's sending these tokens and why?
    Thank you in Advance Omar 🙂

  2. Seems like the Banks are doing a good job to "Unbank the banked" just by continuing their Central Banking FRAUD/FEAR and failure to accept technological innovation… Forget em! crypto is Peer to Peer and everyone else is just 3rd party and has NO VALID CLAIM to their crypto or future thereof IMO

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