SBD Token Give-Away! / Crypto Influencers Caught In Massive Pump & Dump / Vitalik Boycotts Consensus

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  1. Thanks a lot for watching- and a deepest welcome back to the modern era in the show! Any likes and subscribes are warmly appreciated, and best wishes to a most excellent rest of the week. Take care and stay cryptic 😀

    00:00 Introduction / Live Streaming is Back
    02:13 SBD Token Give-Away!
    08:23 Don’t Trust Anyone in Crypto
    09:06 Market Overview
    10:50 Vitalik Boycotts Consensus
    15:06 17,000,000th Bitcoin is mined
    18:52 Binance is more Profitable than Deutsche Bank
    21:12 Crypto Influencers Caught In Massive Pump & Dump

  3. Nice video man. Very informative. Great work nobody even talked about this around man 😡 till today still . Great channel 💯

  4. Oh man, The rest of the paper talks about how he pumped and dumped Doge. Good read! Thx for sharing. I was one of the idiots buying the top and getting dumped on. Ah, live and learn. Win some, lose some.

  5. I am watching your video now. Omisego pumped because it was listed on bithumb. Electrify Asia coin airdrop will happen. Cosmos spooning will also happen. Those are facts not speculations. All you need to do is to have omg in your hardware wallet or myetherwallet or wherever you hold your own private key. The whole drama came up with people using scams, asking people to send their omg to them. Just keep your omg coins on your hardware wallet and dont do anything and you will get your airdrops. Airdrops were announced by June ( the founder of omg), so it is legit. Plus plasma development is ahead of the schedule which is huge. Also omg spooning and using temdermit will give us fast transactions. They achived 3000 transaction per second already. The plan is million or more and plasma is fully developed. Keep an eye on omg. Big things are coming very soon 🙂

  6. It's great to see you up real-time streaming again. That Binance vs. Deutsche news was too funny. While you were reviewing it I thought I actually heard the announcer from the NBA Jam game say, "Boom goes the dynamite!".

  7. Bro, Crypto! Did you buy a new home in West Hollywood? Congrats! Happy for you and for you sharing the news!

  8. Big fan of the show mate, already following on steem and here. Just followed on soundcloud as well. @jonjon1

  9. Hey bro I was trying to sign up to Huobi and it was giving me a hard time. It asks for nationality but doesn’t have USA in options. What’s the deal with them.

  10. I think am entered into the giveaway… My username is: @patriot

    By the way thanks so much for those upvotes!

  11. I don't agree taking the "Pump & Dump" groups to the regulators. We should be call them out, spread this information to inform the crypto space…

  12. steemit @CryptosCity Hello ..saludos desde Miami y Venezuela siempre te veo, keep working hard

  13. That thumbnail though i am in love with you guys. No worries we will support all the time… I support crypto medication… All crypto Twitter are scammers. greed mother of all.

  14. Isn't it interesting that while cryptos had their 3 month fall, Everytime it tried to recover there was some news out to push it down. Now we have one red day in a week of green and we get news that the nasdaq is open to crypto? Almost like they were holding that news waiting. Seems like the powers in control may want cryptos to rise for a while.

  15. Bitcoin futures liquidity continues to build. A record of more than 11,000 contracts (56,010 equivalent bitcoin) traded Wednesday. April average daily volume is currently 3,716 contracts, up 44% vs. March.

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