Reddit Co-Founder Predicts $15,000 ETH 2018! / Goldman Sachs Trading BTC / Approach EOS With Caution

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►Binance’s Nano Give-Away –
►Ethereum Price Will Reach 15k This Year Predicts Reddit Co-Founder –
►Joseph Lubin Is Extremely Comfortable That Ethereum Is Not A Security –

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  1. A true anti-EOS vendetta going on. Omar is one of the more balanced proponents, though. EOS is going to be one of the most successful projects of the coming years. It's like Amazon is opening its garage next month. So, you fudders (?), please sell me your EOS tokens at a good price!

  2. ETH is dead. EOS $100 and up. Am suprised with your title saying approach EOS with caution. Should be "Caution ETH to be destroyed by EOS" Also not just 21 EOS Block Producers their are 100 reserve so any funny business BP's will be replaced.

  3. Didn't Reddit co-founder already correct his Ethereum $15,000 prediction. He walked it back: Meant to say ETH yoe @ $1,500. Right?

  4. Thank you for this video! Like your change in background. But I do think your dog and parrot were awesome! Always enjoy your content and the delivery of it!

  5. Cryptos will fail. Too many of them that do nothing… do you think people are going to trust something that they cant even use right now to buy bread? If SHTF then the power might go out…. slow internet…. huge power costs…. Get into metals if you are preparing for SHTF if you want to prepare for the future of money after SHTF then get into cryptos.

  6. Not you buddy, not EOS FUD !!! ahhhh… you lost your credibility with this.
    There is nothing out there currently even close to EOS, nor it will be.
    Too bad you guys never do your research and look into projects more deeply.

    ETH 15 000 ? … yeah … says the guy who is involved with CoinBase…
    By the way… EOS has few Billion USD worth of ETH… what do you think it will happen when they start dropping that on the market ?


    00:07 Introduction
    01:02 Goldman Sachs trading BTC
    03:45 Chase closes Erik Vorhees credit card account
    05:01 Reddit Co-founder predicts $15,000 ETH 2018
    06:28 Joseph Lubin ‘extremely comfortable’ that Ether is NOT a security
    07:55 Binance: Nano give away
    08:58 Approach EOS with caution
    16:22 Overall market sentiment
    19:17 Conclusion

    ETH – 0x92bc597e04852b22dfcddf64c0b8a03c337aa52a

  8. Crypt0 i like your content, but you do have responsibility to followers (most of them still in the learning phase likely) to present empirical good data, i dont think there is any value in sharing what has Reddit co-founder said, he is heavily invested in Coinbase so people with his positions often just abuse to shill extra bullish news to attract more capital to them, so unless he provides some ballistic great explanation how he came up with 15k ETH target its rather not worthy info to keep or share.
    Just a bit constructive criticism there, keep up the work though! And i did mentioned before that parrot should be a regular thing.

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