One-on-One w/Andy Hoffman – Episode 39 – Special Guest Ansel Lindner

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In the 39th installment of’s “One-on-One” interview series – which proudly, is part of the World Crypto Network – Andy is pleased to host Cryptocurrency expert; and Twitter Maestro, Ansel Lindner; i.e. @ansellindner

The WCN is a youtube channel that covers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since 2014 the WCN has been creating content featuring hosts and panelists from around the world. It has had many shows over the years, with it's most popular weekly show The Bitcoin Group returning every Friday afternoon to feature an honest discussion about the very latest news in the world of cryptocurrency.


  1. Bitcoin has gradually gone down recently, and possible with it's slow movement it has bored – yes bored – a lot of adrenaline junkies. The solution may not be altcoins but rather just HODL Bitcoin and go to the racetrack for your adrenaline rush. I have some Kindle books out on both kinds of speculation.

  2. I can't understand how you can help altcoins acceptance & penetration and be a bitcoin maximalist at the same time

  3. 2:33 Why has Bitcoin been so volatile?

    5:31 Bitcoin price decline because of false rallies?

    8:55 Blockchain size

    15:40 DOJ investigation into price manipulation

    20:18 View of crypto trading in general

    24:34 Softening Bitcoin maximalism

    33:53 Optimal trading strategy?

    37:43 Bitcoin events for the rest of the year

  4. Great interview Andy. I'd love to see a one on one with Regie Midleton. I think Veritaseum is a very interesting project. Regie Midleton is trying to make innovation in an area where over 100 years were pretty much no innovation.

  5. You keep comparing alt coins like BRhodium to dot com stocks. The analogy is to TCP/IP. There will eventually be convergence toward only one decentralized blockchain. Stop talking about potential non-currency value of alternative blockchains. There is no such thing.

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