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[All investing is speculative. Don’t be a n00b. This isn’t financial advice. Just one man’s opinion of a complex fractal world with infinite variables effecting the system, at exactly the same time.]

Hi! I'm Peter! As a Scientist and Entrepreneur, I'm on an exploratory mission to grow the Bitcoin network, invest, and innovate on this new nascent technology. Find us at and download our mobile iOS app at!


  1. I created an app that monitors rig internet connectivity and power losses, to watch your rig connectivity just connect the phone you installed the app in with the same wifi/router, for power monitoring just plug the mobo with it using usb cable, and you will get notified when there's a power loss..etc you can watch the ambiant temperature also if you placed your rig in closed box..etc i would like to know if it worth developing it more or should i give up?

  2. I know you said you mine Bitcoin, so that must be at another facility, but what are you mining with these gpus? I love seeing what you guys are up to!

    And how can I be involved with your operations!?

  3. Peter I got a question. Is it true that the USB 3.0 to be used cannot be more than 60cm in length? If any longer it will not detect cards? Thank you in advance

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