Marketcap Shoots Up / Trading Ideas / Aion Ready / Centra Arrest / More! (The Crypt0 Minute #16)

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My name is Omar (Crypt0). Welcome to the Home of Cryptocurrency News, with a look toward a decentralized political, financial, and sociological future- Vive La Revolucion! As an Ethereum Miner, Bitcoin enthusiast, and stock investor, I love catching up on the latest news. With this, I develop my own opinions, that should further assist you in developing your own.


  1. Bro, put your hat on straight. My son is 7 years old and doesn't even wear his hat like that. come on now. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  2. When can we expect to see how to register your EOS tokens with an nano ledger S. And if you spread you eos tokens on multiple address on your nano Leger S. You promise that the video is on it's way. Been waiting for it. Thanks in advance.

  3. Cool to see you're trying new things. Personally, I don't really mind the longer vids. Either way, keep doing your thing man!
    PS- That guitar above your head makes me nervous, like it could fall over and hit you on the head! Don't let that happen 🙂

  4. Okay that was way too short, not really coherent. No. This does not work. I liked what you were doing before! That's how you got all those subscribers!

  5. Prefer to watch one long video than a bunch of 10 minute videos because it's more effort to sort through multiple videos than to just watch one. If Tai Lopez came to you that means they can learn from you not the other way around. Keep doing you champ!

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