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Join me on this crazy cryptocurrency adventure! In this channel we'll discuss cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) and discuss the latest trends. Best of all, everything is delivered in a short, easy to understand video.


  1. LOL. No decentralised leader. The first person who came to my mind wasn't Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee seems more like the guy you're referring to!

  2. I would like to see modders get paid in crypto to develop / model universal game assets – items that can be used in multiple game worlds.

  3. I would like to see game assets traded between games. Say use a Lambo won in Gran Turismo, trade it into GTA and sell it in GTA world for crack……for example.

  4. "nobody is buying" = Yes but the technology is moving forward in a very rapid phase. Ok GL, having that rising the market, people lose track of the tech itself.

  5. Sweet T my heast is with it… We can only hope that more hearts will soon stand hand in hand with blockchain and the encompassing crypto. I heard about you sir through suppoman. I will be returning to the channel on account of the reserved nature and clear point explanation. Great work cant, wait to hear more from you bro.

  6. Wow! Verge clearly have shit developers. Validating a time stamp is so incredibly basic. I’d stay away guys.
    Trust me. I’m a developer.

  7. While we're bored (for the next few years), are there groups attempting to get legislators to

    1) recognize that the future is coming and
    2) to re-examine the 100+ year-old tax codes that can only be patched together for so long.


    The ideas expressed in current tax codes are like ideas about shipbuilding expressed in terms of sails and rigging. There's no recognition of contemporary tools, only things that build upon the idea that a coin, imprinted with the image of the emperor, is of a certifiable weight and purity. Banking, made possible by certifiable coin, is a younger institution, but it's still a few hundred years old. Modern taxation holds these things — even in a degenerate form — to be bedrock axioms, but I don't think that's the case, surely not today.

    Even if crypto transactions could take place at VisaCard speed and utter security, the need to retrofit all transactions to fit a very old point of view is crippling. There are doubtless various visions of how taxes should be collected and applied. Where are the symposia on that VERY (an now we're REALLY talking "boring") important topic?

    I'm in New York, NY, USA. (Read: 3 levels of government bureaus with NO interest) Any takers?

  8. "What I want is a better understanding of the technology going on" – YES. Technology Discussion > Speculative Trading. Just subscribed 🙂

  9. damn, i should've hold XVG on exchange. Haha the most popular rule in Cryptospace is not working in this case

  10. Thanks Michael. Great video. Happy to hear that Crypto Daily is having a break. I think he must have really needed it.

  11. DId the hackers just mined for themselves of they performed double-spending?? My XVG wallet cannot connect to the network. I hadn't moved coins since January. Are they lost forever?

  12. banks are 100% not allowed to invest my money wherever they want, i put my money in the bank to keep it safe not to allow some wanker invest it for his own gains, thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard and this is exactly why cryptocurrency needs to be adopted.

    league of legends needs a rename to league of ragers lol … i literally start a game and ignore the entire team and have the chat for the other team turned off, its fun as long as you ignore everyone in the game and just play for your own enjoyment

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