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  1. DAI on Bitfinex is huge. It's a stableish coin by Maker that can be used in place of USDT to lock in USD gains. Kiss Tether goodbye.

  2. Please excuse the direct comment. Talking of Sovrin… Zonafide has 'Huge' news too! We enable people to have a 'Self-Sovereign Journey' from one organisation to another with the Zonafide Digital Wallet to protect & control their Actvities from fraud & cybercrime. We have UK Local Governments involved for a first use case and a partnership with global technology provider Atos for Proof of Concepts with Corporates.

  3. I saw how much Hexx spiked today, Rockafellers or Soros might invest in a dark coin, and do what he can to crash bitcoin by investing in some other coin with better multiplers…

  4. Рerspective Тelegram chаnnеl @airdrop_yes whеre AIRDROРs are рublishеd еverу daу АIRDROP = frее distributiоn of tokеns tо еverуone frоm diffеrеnt icо. Giving only 5-7 minuТеs рer dау on rеgistration in different АIRDROP it is pоssiblе to reсеivе 200-300 d0llаrs реr day;

  5. I appreciate not selling and holding.
    But If you invested at 800Billion. Then at 500 then at 400 Billion. Was your 800 billion investment worth anything at all? Or have you just ridiculously over invested here at a 50% loss?

    I like SUppomans Optimism but lets be honest he should be down a lot from his optimistic buy the dips starting in December

  6. What do you make of fundstrat's assessment of the US tax season's effect on btc price? Should we expect to see a turnaround in the coming months? Can btc actually recapture or surpass its previous ath this year?

  7. Trump Signed an Executive Order to Seize the Assets of people like him. Soros realized that the bitcoin is the only way not to be seized.

  8. Eventually all the “big timers” of this world will fomo and get into crypto. Well, the smart ones will. Anyone who decides to never get crypto is a FOOL.

  9. Now i only hold XVG. But after the 17 April i will sell all my coins and buy a few coins only. ONT,OMG,ICON and WANis what i will go all in on.

  10. soros is a retard and psychopat and a low level crook who will create the third world war. being cunning is not the same as being intelligent or a human being ..So I would not get into areas where you don't know .. However people make mistakes .. You can;t be right all the time and you are sharing valuable info so overall it is positive .. You get access to preICO deals.. we get some free info on the channel ..

  11. BTC WILL FALL AGAIN, be careful people: bull traps everywhere!
    Long-term bear market ahead
    the losses were massif, I don't think the euphoria of a bull market will be back that fast

  12. George Soros Will destroy crypto. Same way as he destroyed families and countries world wide. He even helped round up and destroy his own people during ww2. He has been thrown out of multiple countries. Arab spring Soros funded, antifa, Soros. If he is entering its not a good thing.

  13. I think Ethos will be great. But after missing the Q1 rollout they should be more present now. How many users are now active on the beta and so on.

  14. No Wonder Pakistan is a poor Country, has been a poor Country for centuries and it will always be a poor Country.
    btw Islam surely doesn't help.

  15. hmhmmm gdax volume currently 8764BTC past24hrs, lets see what the week got for us 😉 // pricepeaks maybe coming from short vs. longs pitching around like the last months we'd seen this quite a lot…no breakout atm…1m timeline almost useless -.-

  16. Agree re marke. Am still making 45%+ on my cryptocoin holdings. Buying opportunities are there,, just keep looking and evaluating!

  17. You are the reincarnation of Anthony Newly….love it. Forget Bitcoin/Alts….just give us a 90 minute concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ha ha. Looking at GBP and not USD. Also based in the uk myself, I switch between the two as well and have done the same. Disappointing/Exciting for those first few seconds isn’t it!

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