Is ETH & XRP Noncompliant Securities?

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[All investing is speculative. Don’t be a n00b. This isn’t financial advice. Just one man’s opinion of a complex fractal world with infinite variables effecting the system, at exactly the same time.]

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  1. I scaled back on many coins after the 12.17 spike to only coins with a real world use, ( ones with more than just a theory ). Just like in a BK in the business world is designed to trim the fat, and come out leaner on the other side, ( like should have been the case with GM ), and every other business / corporation before them. NOPE, NOPE, instead the government had to intervene and gum things up they have no clue about and now it has caught up with them and their car division has been scaled way back, several legacy models cut from production.

    I dropped XRP in Q1, because it just seemed like the writing is on the wall. Not only is there a fuck ton of coins held back by the devs, but they show signs time, and time again of anchoring themself to the legacy baking system we are trying to move away from. Because of shear volume it may go up in price now and then because it seems like coins never ready die completely in crypto; there are some coins that haven't had any active devs in like three years but will still climb during 100% pumps.

    It seems like Ripple and Verge are just close cousins and like prostitute coins, because they will do and say anything to give their base a rise.

    ZEC is another one getting lost in the woods, I use to like it once upon a time. Now the dude said he wants two chains and basically just wants to get paid from both chains, if you read the most recent rants he is trying to say all mimers misunderstood what he said, in that he would go the way of making it ASIC resistant, and that he never committed himself to that path, when he actually did, and then went back and edited his post, or as stated above will create a second chain, one resistant and one not. I will never hold that shit again, but in my book XMR deserves the respect for doing what they said they would do, and in very short Fucking order applied the fix, although it may end up that way in the long run.

    It is just hard to look past the dirty rinse and repeat business model ASIC plays against its own customer base, by selling a hand me down model to fund the R&D for the next generation model, while they use the next hand me down model to shit all over their customers with the one they just sold; rinse and repeat.

    Just my opinion, so it doesn't mean much; what do I know .. I only mined $7,068.18 since October of last year. It is just making it a harder choice for new people to come in and build the network for this who haven't already been building up equipment for a while; and while devs. like ZEC look the other way, one company gets a stronger hold over the market, and at that point they throw the switch that pays them 2% PPLNS / PPS of everything you mine or renders your shit useless; they already got busted with an internal switch that can shut you down that they didn't tell you was there, just where do you think they were going with that? I do not think they are stupid, they scaled back the ethhash to 180 Mh/s for $800 bucks as to not be a threat, then kicked out the Z9 that is like 15 GTX 1080' s for $1,999.00 .. This creates a void for a whole knew line of tech, or just gives in to being centralized, and they will just tell you "Suck it up Cupcake!


    Very Respectfully,

  2. Hey man, I like your opinions. You don't need to read everything bruh, we can read articles as well. Make it interesting like Crypto Love bruh

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