Is EOS Manipulating The ETH Price? / What’s The Point Of Crypto? / When Will BTC Go Up? / ICO Death

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My name is Omar (Crypt0). Welcome to the Home of Cryptocurrency News, with a look toward a decentralized political, financial, and sociological future- Vive La Revolucion! As an Ethereum Miner, Bitcoin enthusiast, and stock investor, I love catching up on the latest news. With this, I develop my own opinions, that should further assist you in developing your own.


  1. I am very disappointed about your videos, since your promotion of Veritaseum. Cool Cappy, what did you get for wearing this cappy.. you look like a clown.. i remember also how do you glorify Bitcoin Cash as real Bitcoin, I really do not know how you have over 100k subscribers. What I find quite outrageous is that you also want to have donations for your sponsor-friendly videos. You are so biased…

  2. Crypt0 – you look real stressed today – don't let this price dip get to you, its just another meaningless daily variation. Look at what crypto is in the larger scheme of things – and it is evidently the future of money – so what's to be sad about!

  3. We are about to go to war with Iran …simply to prop up the petrodollar. Jon Bolton, THE PSYCHOPATH, wants to send young people to death in the sands of the Middle East. They just cancelled peace talks in Korea. People, especially young people, have to realize that all of this is run by the old financial systems, the old banking systems. Until we all get into a truly open source form of currency, such as crypto… all of this will simply repeat. We have to keep adopting and learning and adjusting as we go. Poloniex was a learning process for me. I am removing my funds, as soon as I can, and will never use them again. Lesson learned.

  4. Exodus by far the easiest way to register your EOS. But you will not get the EOS dev airdrops. MEW more complicated, but the best solution imo.

  5. According to the dollar vigilante, big banks are creating fake huge sell offers in the OTC market, creating fake supply, to depress the price and get in cheap. Reminds me of the gold price manipulation by these criminals

  6. i will stay in crypto till the end, i am a 52 year old mother and without crypto i can't imagine life in the ugly corporate slavery world. i am greek and my name means freedom in greek so i am struggling in the bear market but it's all i got and just hope i can stay around to see this tech thrive and people's lives be transformed.. great video.

  7. Did you say we can store EOS in the Ledger Nano? I’ve done that using the ETH area? Is that what you did?

  8. Scammers to the left of me, scammers to the right of me, that’s the problem with crypto. So many people never come back once scammed. Most can’t tell till scammed. As long as 100x very few gives a shit about crypto future. The hate towards crypto will only grow in this bear market.

  9. Man I admire you and your show brother. You are straight up & I hope God blesses you in a big way for it. Def one of my fav shows you have ever done. Being super real with how things are in the life of crypto. This trading group I am in a guy posted some updates and conclusions saying that the market has a bearish tone to it. It also said that this market has a way of making the many look foolish, gonna turn up this summer I think!

  10. Sad about that guy I'm on my way over to upvote and re post on steemit bro. Lol and nothing was worse then BitConne I can't finish righting that it's dirty

  11. Straight forward and brutally honest, this is a pump and dump scheme. We pump up small market cap coins on exchanges such as Bittrex and Bitmex wait for people to buy in due to their fear of missing out. The price goes up sky high, thousand of percent gains. Then we dump, the pump date and time and dump date and time are released to our members. Our members buy in when the price is extremely low, were talking fractions of pennies, so you can buy hundreds of thousands of coins. We then have our whales buy in with their million+ dollar accounts. The coin price goes absolutely through the roof, everybody in the crypto community buys in for the fear they are about to miss out on "The next big thing". Our members then dump the coin on the specified date and time, for massive profits (1000%+) in only days. Then our whales dump for decent gains (50-100%). The coin crashes and we essentially farmed the schmucks for their hard earned BTC and ETH.

  12. Omar, please don't start perpetuating the incredibly absurd "EOS is manipulating ETH" theories again. I thought you realized a while back you're above that. Or maybe not…

  13. i feel like this is the "depression" phase. Everyone just moping around lol. I got into crypto bc i hate the federal reserve, still in for the same reasons. People are forgetting why we do this .

  14. Does anyone have any evidence of the three venture capitalist companies wallets moving ETH to exchanges for sale. I think we should try and find the addresses that are associated with the EOS ETH. We had all of the wallets for the Tokyo whale in BTC. A lot of whack a doo conspiracy theories on some people's channels about what's happening with all of this a therium could be put to rest if we had some hard evidence as to the state of the etherium from the ICO.

  15. If EOS is selling their ether it would simply be because they are selling to use the capital for paying devs etc as the ico is almost done. They will sell it all sooner or later anyway so once mainnet launches and EOS is up and running why not tank your direct oppositions price. It's gonna be a win win for EOS

  16. CAREFUL, this is how the phishing email looks like:

    Aaron Lieb

    Aaron Liebling (

    May 27, 05:29 HKT

    Hello All,

    Recently, we have been flooded with questions on how to register your ERC-20 EOS tokens to the EOS blockchain, We released a website in-order to help you.

    Thank you.

  17. Consolidation will occure when people realise EOS & most of every token out there are made by website developers & kids out of school, with 0% life experience thus no scars; to whom the world owes everything… laulz to funny.
    BTC ETC ADA MONERO IOTA & no other brothers…

  18. I have a counter argument to "first world woman" not needing crypto. Yes, her bank card is accepted everywhere, but every year her money buys less and less due to inflation. And if the dollar crashes, she will lose everything. First world people may not need crypto for cash payments, but they do need investments to hedge against the dollar. Even if they don't buy it, it's good that they know it exists.

    The best argument for not preaching about crypto is to keep quiet so you can accumulate more before everyone else!

  19. Btc bch super complicated. I default to Andrea's antanopolous on this, whatever the outcome, can't question his integrity

  20. Hey Crypt0, I didn't know that your mom's name is Laurel. That's a great feminine name, and that is rare for me to say.

  21. Ethereum is right now @ 57 billion dollar. Last 24 hour volume @ 1.8 billion. Eos has 500 million dollars worth of Ethereum. Soooo if they still sell everything they have, its just a drop in the sea. Nothing to worry about.

  22. ok lets put it this way. EOS/Blockone owns $6 billion in ETH. What do you want them to do hold it? Heck no if i owned EOS i would also sell the $6 billion and put it into my own business. So i see no problem.

  23. Im curious if everybody complained about a major drop before the dotcom rise. At 8:11 begins the real story, Omar! Two years ago, Vitalik said ETH would be 3 years before development for real use cases would happen. So, people hear what they want to hear. It's gonna happen for crypto, we just need to put it on hodl and forget about. Not very comforting for traders, but–its the reality. We are so early. I remember when it took a half-hour to show an audience how to send an email. It was 1983. Let that sink in.

  24. I agree EOS not manipulating ETH price but they are going to sell some time because ETH will be a competitor. They have the right to sell it as they please just as I want the freedom to sell mine. If they wanted to crash it they would have done it.
    I believe individuals and larger investors are selling ETH to buy EOS and want to own both which is smart. Count me in that crowd. EOS is at $12 and ETH is at $580 so a ratio of 48 EOS /1 ETH. DIVERSIFICATION OF CRYPTO!

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