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ICON Fusion Wanchain – What Does Cross Chain Mean To Blockchain And Cryptocurrency?

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In this video, we welcome Kunal. Who describes what Cross Chain Technology is, and how it improves upon Blockchain. We also go over some examples of projects that are implementing Cross Chain communication such as ICON (ICX) and other short forms.

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  1. you guys need to understand wanchain hasn't even gotten going yet. You lucky ot be getting it at this cheap of a price in this bear market. Interoperable alliance aion wanchain and icon all the three youll ever need on the next bull run I can promise you that.

  2. Ark always left out of these inter-operability discussions when it will likely be the first to actually use it in the real world

  3. Same fucking shit over and over again. This blockchain bullshit is nothing new at all.

    Same videos rambling about the same interoperability bullshit, fancy words. Nothing new inside.

  4. Really enjoyed this video…crosschain explained really well – thanks!😊 (& welcome to the team!…you're great!)

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