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ICO Cryptocurrency Innovation For Altcoins Wanted! What Are Your Ideas?

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As many of you already know, blockchain and cryptocurrency is a financial renaissance ushering in a new era of finance. With many of you being early adopters, that gives you a chance to get step ahead of the masses in understanding the opportunities that exist. Share your ICO ideas with the community to assist in getting people think about what is possible.

At Altcoin Buzz we are strictly operating off of opinion and our own personal hype, we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research. We do not hold any professional or legal paperwork to offer professional advice. If you choose to follow any of our opinions from our videos you are doing so under your own free will.


  1. Something very important that blockchain technology can fix is VOTING! This is a real world problem that needs to be fixed and blockchain immutable ledger technology is the way to do it. No more recounts necessary, no more fixed elections and it would eliminate fraud. The problem is, governments are too corrupt and would never adopt it. Still, it needs to be done.
    We need to think bigger when it comes to crypto, it can do so much more than act as a currency, security or store of value. If only I knew how to get such an idea underway.

  2. think about it… if you can make more off crypto then you can off minimum wage everyone would do it and then nothing in the world would get done or made its not as good as everyone makes it sound!!

  3. A desktop wallet, with App addition, that would allow seamless entry from Fiat to Crypto and back out again. Capable of holding several coins as well as a simple UI supported by a well implemented tutorial…
    most don’t get involved due to how complicated it is just to get started, let alone remove profits (Canadians more so) if it could be simplified for all, all would come

  4. Not a fan of the whole "Altcoin ladies thing"….why cant we just have them as a normal part of Altcoinbuzz squad rather than a "special forces" esque team?


  6. I would love a coin that you can buy for your kids. We are at the early adopter stage but would love to get our kids involved. Inheritance Token 🙂 Inital buy is stashed away for min 5 years. The ICO Funds are used to invest into the TOP 20 Cryptos weighted average (Crypto Index 20) with some of the profits distributed to token holders which can be used to add to the kids stack or traded. Some funds used to cover downturns.

  7. JEFF… This is one of your ALL TIME TOP 10 VIDEO>S…
    No Joke…
    Glad you are asking the right questions you need to here 😉
    Coming out in Spring of 2018…
    And because of your cool team..
    We will share it with your team when we are close to LAUNCH
    Remember always not just in crypto..

    Nothing has meaning..
    Except the meaning YOU….Give IT…

    You can ACHIEVE

  8. An ICO for a crypto currency that is used to make online payments for airtickets, online shopping, purchasing applications and much more

  9. Great points jeff, had the same thinking on ico's but then again billions going in and out the cryptomarket each hr. can same ico's group together to pump/dump the market?

  10. I want a coin to build interest.
    POS. Limited by no pools and no matter who owns the most.
    Building up until the max coins have been reached.
    At that point it becomes the master coin, then pos creates 2 different coins with 2 different purposes. Only obtained by holding the master coin.
    This process continues generation after generation. Slow and steady. Long term investments. Branches can be voted for and interest can be accumulated Into the coin like cardano and put into perhaps products that the shareholders can get at discounts.
    Maybe even other coin investments or physical items from online stores.

    An investment that does not stop

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