Flexible Investing in Altcoins & Cryptocurrency – HODL But Don’t Be Scared to Take Profit

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Hey guys, whats going on? I am making this video to discuss the way I view crypto investing. I like to be flexible. Not getting married to any coin or any set way. This market moves too quick one way or another to get too committed to one set protocol. This is my approach, you are free to do what you like ofcourse. Bitcoin price swings are extreme.

At Altcoin Buzz we are strictly operating off of opinion and our own personal hype, we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research. We do not hold any professional or legal paperwork to offer professional advice. If you choose to follow any of our opinions from our videos you are doing so under your own free will.


  1. You are very good Jeff. Next time your bubble-spidey-sense goes off please let us know right away 😁

  2. We really do not know for sure what they are doing for taxation yet, its frustrating. But like Jeff has said don't let Taxes impede your business and intellectual instincts on the market!!

  3. In your past videos you said you bought Bitcoin at $12k then you said you bought it at $10k in videos after . Now in this video you say you bought it at $7200. Mmm

  4. I think we are running with conclusions everyone wants to be rich in weeks, right? because we are seeing the crypto market at high speeds ups and downs, the riches persons from cryptos didn't invest and became rich in one year! everyone needs to get positions and be involved in! cause nothing has a better return than investing in new tech that believing in!

  5. Hey Jeff, a lot of us are waiting for 2x gains just trying to climb out of the red. 20x gains don’t mean anything for a lot of people right now

  6. my plan was to to take profits at 200%, and in the end I got stuck at around 180% with most of my coins, and the rest is history:) Next time, if stagnant so close to my limit, smarter to just don't take chances.

  7. The problem is people think of short term a few days and long term a week. That is way they get devasted when there are dips in the market. Every time I hear long term is few years, that is why I dont give a f… if it dips. If you look at cryptos price today or 2 years ago, dip like this month isnt even a 1% of the price it can reach in next 2 years.

  8. Jeff, you start talking about ICON, now that you bought it. Why only shill your own coins? Have the balls to answer me man, i talk about ICON for long time now. And now you start shilling it. Look at Ready Set Crypto. Awesome crypto site, you can learn from it. Keep up the good work.

  9. Market cap is the price of the last sold coins multiplied by the whole amount of coins that exist? Am I wrong? Does this mean that it is not the amount of money that actually moved in and out?

  10. Good video. …If your happy with the profit sell it and pay the taxes. ….There is more risk that you could lose more in a down turn on price than what you would have paid in additional short term capital gains tax to begin with. Would you have rather had sold your Bitcoin at 19k or at 8k because you wanted to wait a few month to get into long term capital gains tax rate? You'd still profit more evan at the higher short term rate.

  11. Also Jeff if you made a bad investment on a coin or token and it reach the necessary gains to get your money back, sell and invest in a better position

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  13. Do you have to pay taxes each time you buy an alt? What if you realize gains on your alts by converting it to ether or btc but then go and buy a different altcoin with that same ether/btc? Is each trade going to be taxed or is it only when you cash out?

  14. Let’s say you have your money on binance, how would the government know if your in and out of positions or holding for long term capital gains tax??

  15. I agree, we need to see the technology actual working better and also have better user interface for us to use. That is the type of innovation we need.

  16. Thanks jeff. I havent been checking the market and was nicely suprised at the drop. An ocean of red looks like super specials on black friday.

  17. Warren Buffet said: I don't pay income tax, I don't have an income, I hold my investments and i don;t sell them, I trade them for other assets. lol smart guy

  18. If everyone hodled the market wouldnt be swinging up and down like it is. Samething with day trading. But people are going to do what they do.Smh🤔

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