FedEx and UPS Begin Blockchain Development | More Proof Crypto Is The Future

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Despite all of the doom and gloom from the nay-sayers out there, blockchain is still showing a lot of promise at being the most innovative technology available today. Businesses all around the world are considering the potential use cases for Smart Contracts, Blockchain, and various other ledger and crypto solutions.

FedEx is partnering up with the organization known as Blockchain in Transport Alliance to help implement the blockchain technologies into their logistics infrastructure.

UPS has received a patent that they have been waiting about a year and a half for which will give them a blockchain secured locker system that people can use for peer to peer exchanging of goods, as well and intra-personal payments for those goods.

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  1. I got into BITCOIN @ 5-600 each, that said I have been buying for the past 2 yrs and investing in other projects/coins that WILL ACTUALLY DO SOMTHING,but I have put myself in folks shoes that just got in @ over 8000, I get it!! AND YOU must do what's best for your situation, that said crypto Curriency IMO is 100% the future and I'm HOLDING all of my investments. But again everyone is different so asses your personal situation and ACT accordingly. ✌!

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  3. So i read that FedEx is joining the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), in other words: BAC coin. U guys think that is a good altcoin to invest in now?

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  5. Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum suffer price drop after Indian cryptocurrency ban announcement

  6. I don't know if people are realizing this but this will also affect the stock market go by UPS stocks also not just cryptocurrency

  7. Have you heard of the Blockchain project named ODEM? I would like your thoughts on it in a future video please. Keep up the good work btw.

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  14. Should we worry that established companies begin using the exact tech without the use of a crypto….its already happening

  15. Haejin Lee’s YT channel has great analysis’ on how the sellers of btc are about to bleed out and make room for a bullish market.

  16. so they are interested in blockchain but not bitcoin specifically and we should be happy about that?? if they don't invest in bitcoin then their coin won't be worth shit. what we need to do is get every fucking coin off of bitcoins satoshi count so that if bitcoin tanks it won't even matter because every coin would have it's own destiny. base it on USD for example. bitcoin is such a terrible store of value. if all coins aren't riding on it anymore then the market could stabilize. bitcoin itself would be more stable, if the whole market didn't depend on it. its the literal definition of putting all your eggs in one basket. why fuck the whole market because one coin fuckin sucks?

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