Daily: Why the DIP / SEC targets ICOs (Again)

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Latest Verge drama is in, a hacker managed to hack Verge and gain 35 million Verge coin for free. SEC targets ICOs again with new notice that targets “sweeping ICOs”
1:05 Verge Hack
3:59 SEC Sweeping target on ICOs
5:25 China’s National TV is FUDing crypto

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  1. The guy that did it says he knows 2 more ways to exploit the verge algorithm even if they fix the time stamp issue.

  2. So sad, the entire scene is a con. The technology is real. The "coins" are a fraud. You will ultimately see yourselves as fools.

  3. Market is dipping simply due to market manipulation and minimal regulation. Always surprised how folks try to justify it w/ news.

  4. Verge deletes anyone in their Discord who disagrees with them and doesn't act like a newbie SHEEP big ol red flag.

  5. Like I said in February March April and May, I have never felt good about Verge. This has been coming and will continue…. not for me 👌🌟

  6. It must be hard dealing with security issues as a crypto developer team. That said, the team needs to do whatever it takes to fix their code on a large scale or else there will be no more trust left and verge will only be mentioned in developer what "not to do" history books.

  7. No no no, a time stamp attack isn’t a thing. The Devs here are absolutely incompetent. Nobody would allow the client to set the time stamp. That’s mental! This is a useless development attack.

  8. great work michael! can someone explain to me the vergefam logic i’ve seen on twitter – a ddos attack somehow makes the network stronger?

  9. Not making coins out of thin air but lowering the difficulty for everyone to wear like block is found every second or two a second from what I understand

  10. See? Check PIVX’s hash distribution on Reddit, and see how a decentralized cryptocurrency should really be. POS rules

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