Daily: European commission invests $370M in Blockchain

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European commission invests $370M in Blockchain. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg gets grilled on user data privacy and protection. India’s Blockchain initiative is strong despite RBI ban, with partnerships like Zebi processing 100,000 land registry records to the Blockchain.

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  4. Your facts are incorrect. Facebook did not sell it. It was stolen.
    I agree that a decentralized system will be better BUT if there is a social media platform where you can store your information (name/ address etc) this way means IT IS OPEN TO ALL to see your information UNLESS they still keep this kind of information on their own server and again they still have your personal infomation for sale.

    Any companies program that you use, you need to trust.
    You think products like coinbase will not sell your data?

    good luck

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  6. Hey why isn't anyone in this space talking about the launch of the RSK network and mainnet? Smart contracts for bitcoin is now a thing – is that not friggin huge?? I would have thought so, at least as much as Lightning Network which is getting so much hype, and when u think about it actually pales in comparison to what this can bring to bitcoin and the blockchain, not least of it being ethereum!! Seems strange!

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  8. RBI( Reserve Bank of India )is the central bank of India not the largest. The largest bank by accounts and coverage is SBI (State bank of India).Also Alphabet removed the ‘don’t be evil’ line from Google back in 2015. So yes now they can be evil if they so choose.

  9. Michael have you looked at Iungo? They have a good team and roadmap, the ING token is cheap right now

  10. Investing in AI. Waw so computers can make life and death decisions. I'm so excited about giving up my freedom all the more as long as it involves block-chain! Even though it does nothing for the market cap! Yay

  11. Dont confuse block-chain, and public tokens/coins(utility tokens), they will use a internal utility token, so there transaction will only cost the price of the extra electric there existing network uses.

  12. great video! the data scandal is a big thing………. hopefully solution like PIKCIO will solve this problem once and for all

  13. Awesome news Michael, btw gotta love the morons daily downvoting in the first 10 seconds of posting your vids, so much dedication and devotion haha!

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