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CryptoCurrency Universe and Bitcoin support/resistance lines with altcoin volume checks

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Today we analyze the top volume cryptos and compare to time-on- market with a cool crypto universe chart.

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  1. just a thought but maybe a couple of editions to the show….NEWS FLASH….as a crypto news channel why not have NEWS FLASHES….the dynamic of the show means that breaking news stories in the cypto-verse are generally reported late or often a day after the news story breaks…..also why not have a traders corner? im learning the ropes with the physcology of trading as well as trying to learn to read candlesticks and fibernache retracement…
    The beauty of crypto as i see it is the opportunity for making money is a level playing field and open to anyone with fiat ,a computer and an interenet connection and not just those people who went to Stanford or anyotrhert such ivy league university.

  2. since you dropped xvg from your portfolio you have ignored almost every news regarding this coin. even when the entire market is crashing while verge goes up almost 50% in 1 day.

  3. matt thanks you for all the info you provide it is amazing, can you please explain the order book and how it relates to trading thanks

  4. Bitcoin is still in the triangle and a Bull break is coming. We're going sideways for a little bit longer then when it breaks its going to go up so fast and so high that one Bitcoin will be unaffordable for the average person within under a week. A few months after that one Bitcoin will be unaffordable for most of the population.

  5. GRS is a shitcoin, its high was a pump on bittrex….true shitcoin bro…UNSUSCRIBE ! bad decision to shill that garbage ….U SHOULD LEARN THESE 200K SUBS ON A TRUE REAL COIN NOT ON THIS SCAMMER SHITCOIN WHO NEEDS 242342 CONFIRMATIONS FOR ONE TRANSACTION!!!

  6. Vertcoin is the better investment instead of Litecoin right now due to its involvement with the lightning network

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  8. I have unsubscribed because you are scammer chillers advertising your friends signals business. I wonder what you are getting in reward?? SCAM? YES!

  9. Groestlcoin announced you can now accept GRS tips via Twitch Streamlabs, I believe this is driving the price.

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