Cryptocurrency News – Bitcoin Twitter Vs Charlie Lee, Telegram ICO Success, Market Dips

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The price action for Bitcoin and Ethereum over the last week has been no more or less a market dump. Charlie Lee gets into it with Bitcoin Twitter. Telegram ICO is a hit. 5 Cryptocurrency exchanges close in Japan.

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  1. Bitcoin is done. US regulations will be enforced and Amazon coming out with their own crypto currency. They sell to almost every country. Last Bitcoin higher ups are not on the same page and are now scrambling to save their own money. My prediction for bitcoin for this year is $ 1200 – $4500. Then to keep dropping next year.

  2. I 'm broken..because of my stupid bitcoin trading, I lost all the living expences.. Pleas save me with only 0.001btc..

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  3. No reason to panic actually. Normal sitatuation for crypto market. Look back in 2014-2015 for example. Bitcoin got to 450$ in November of 2014 then crashed to 176$ in January 2015 and then was stagnating at 200-250$ untill he gets to 480 in November 2015 again, then crashed a little bit again. History repeats itself. But right now we just have bigger amounts of money in market.

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  5. Hey Jeff, keep up the great work. I made a few not so positive comments about certain currencys but I'm still down for what you stand for.

  6. i was trading on Indian exchanges during jan-feb. Bought most coins at mid high. Now i don't trade, but I'm holding all assets. I've considered the investment lost so it's no headache for me when it rises again i'll consider it lottery. And it's guaranteed lottery hahaha.

  7. Read a good article about this Cartel that suppresses the price of cryto, gold and silver. Any thoughts on this.

  8. And stop enticing people on how successful telegram ico is. You and I both know that is only for accredited investors. As soon as regular investors can come in the price will spike and then tank with the rest of the collapsing market and take everyone’s money with it. And those idiots will cash out and make money off everyone. So no it’s not a successful ico. Just a scam to rip people off on a market that is collapsing and will be wiped out by the end of this year.

  9. Yeah bitcoin dropping because mail chimp banned crypto accounts lol. Or because of Facebook google bans. No it’s not because of that! Or any other excuse. Let’s face it bruh the market is in complete collapse. This is the end of cryptos. Next month people will get annihilated. Mass exodus has begun. Next month you will see market cap under 100B. It’s all over after that. Revamp all cryptos, a new bitcoin will arise. Starting 2019. Sorry y’all just laying the truth on all u mofos!

  10. I personally believe the exchanges fleeced the newcomers, those will never be back again. Unless regulations are places on exchanges your money not safe. I personally lost 60.000 dallors on coinbase. Ultimately the lawsuits will start pouring in. Im still in it however.

  11. Being cantankerous in a weak market will affect everyone down the line. This new revolution can come to fruition so much quicker if there is sense of camaraderie versus just showing brinkmanship…..thank you Jeff.

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