Cryptocurrency Main Stream Adoption

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This is a video discussion the possibility of cryptocurrency mass adoption. As Bitcoin and many altcoin are still not commonly known.

At Altcoin Buzz we are strictly operating off of opinion and our own personal hype, we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research. We do not hold any professional or legal paperwork to offer professional advice. If you choose to follow any of our opinions from our videos you are doing so under your own free will.


  1. When ATM's that convert fiat into cryptocurrency cover the globe- the unbanked will have access to crypto. That's my guess.

  2. I feel confident about crypto use in near future BUT there´s a clear attempt to destroy it by the governments and banks. They want to take over and manipulate it just like they do for decades in the traditional market. ALSO crypto projects talk too much and deliver too little…

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  6. stop lying about T-Shirt evangicalism… you're no hero with ulterior motives except anything but u are in crypto to MAKE MONEY

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