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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Market Nose Dive….

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Call it what you want to…. Bitcoin, Altcoins, Cryptocurrency is taking a massive hit right now. What is your outlook on this market situation?

At Altcoin Buzz we are strictly operating off of opinion and our own personal hype, we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research. We do not hold any professional or legal paperwork to offer professional advice. If you choose to follow any of our opinions from our videos you are doing so under your own free will.


  1. Everything is still up from a year ago. Do people really think a bull run won't happen again? Just wait, patience is key.

  2. "The Powers That Be" have and are obtaining tons of cash off the suckers who have and will lose their money in cryptocurrencies. When they can't get a satisfactory amount of money from those outside the inner circle, cryptocurrencies are gonna bite the dust.
    They let the outsiders think they are smart, get them to pump their money into cryptocurrencies, then cryptocurrencies crash and the loot has already been grabbed. Leave the fools with dead cryptocurrencies. "A fool and his money soon depart."
    "Everything has been done before, there is nothing new under the stars."

  3. If you have made profit I would sell everything. Cryptocurrencies are just bullshit and when enough people realize that this game is a losing game, then they plunge and eventually everything will go to zero.

  4. If you think 1k will be bottom why not 500$ or less common man!!! This is trading and that includes everything from price supression to manipulation and fomo its the name of the game just make up your mind about your bottom
    Holding on this market is no option everything is in waves the decrease or the increase
    Look back in periods and be happy with an increase of 10% and cash out and buy back 10% decrease thats whats the market is doing last weeks (as of btc) so do what the market projects!!

  5. I have deleted most social media because people have literally turned mad crazy arrogant abusive etc.
    Money changes people..
    Trust your own T/A.
    Do your homework
    After that check it 3times .
    Once you have done it start again…
    20-% vs 80%
    That is 20 % of the sane trade is carrying the 80% of followers that do no research at all.
    The market has /is been deliberately manipulated by global governments to deter it reaching mainstream.
    Don’t panic I see light coming in may- June.
    Peace and joy to everyone 👌🌟

  6. alot of us have been around for a while and are trading with pure profit for along time. thats why im content.

  7. My thought is that if BTC is being suppressed, then there is no way for Alt coins to run again. I don't think we'll see a BTC bull run until global financial systems start showing signs of serious weakening. I'm guessing 3-5 yrs = of relatively level trading.

  8. No management, no security, regulations impending, Amazon coming out with their own crypto currency and already filed for new web addresses for their crypto. What's the good news? It'll keep dropping to around $2500 end of the year.

  9. I'm wondering if bot trading is at a level so high that this the new normal for the market. People using are always talking about getting a 2% a day return

  10. this guy doesn't even know difference between resistance and support and yet people tune in and listen…..sigh. I told you a longggg time ago don't hodl. stay liquid and in cash . buy red and sell green for small profits until we find a bottom. if bitcoin goes to $2000 we are up a hundred percent year over year. try and remember that. we are 700% up in a year and guys like this were saying hodl when we were 2000% up. remember that too

  11. Whales are pumping hard right now, that was a good bounce up to 6800 but dont fall for the trap. Its slamming up against 7000 again we ll see if it holds.

  12. Hang in there, it makes me feel better realizing I'm not the only one struggling. I started in December with $2,600 & down to $1,600.

  13. If you expect it to go down, why not sell and buy back in at a lower price to increase your position? I'm glad I got out of this tainted market, myself.

  14. Cover all bases Jeff, a crash, ahh, maybe no its not a market crash, ahh , maybe it could be a correction, your just a joke man stop rambling on dY after day, with the same old talk. Please, STOP .

  15. Dude get your thoughts together before you make a video.. tired of listening to you rant and contradict yourself with no real information sharing going on. Unsubscribed.

  16. At some point you all are going to have to get your heads from outside your asses. Keep dreaming. Had you invested in stocks youd be up not down. What a waste. Atleast It was all on the credit cards.

    1- All we saw the bullrun of btc up to $19K (This was the time when they where buying in at any price btc and other main cryptos) what is happening now is that they are dumping all these cryptos by generating huge sell of which is based on human fear factor – when the price will be at it's lowest and people will stop selling they will buy in and next bull run will take place.
    – Now wales are loosing their money as they are selling – think logically – next bull run is close and that is when they will buy in in short period of time and will take best positions in crypto

  18. Are the losers that used to be here trying to pump Electroneum still here or have those morons moved on to another shit coin. LOL!

  19. When this idiot tells you to buy is when you should sell. Refer to all the videos in Jan and Feb 2018 that this channel encourages pump and dump projects. Now this idiot tells you not to invest is when you should buy.

  20. I know this is a channel on cryptos but ot would be cool if you guys widen the horizon and discussed all kinds of good interesting stock options like and crypto currency together cause i defiantly have invested in crypto for the long term and also i downloaded the robinhood app and want to get into different stocks

  21. Dont stress, just HOLD! not HODL! smart investing and moves. The data breaches coincidentally coming into society now…. the financial sector in major talks….. china and us battling via trades…. the USA economy in a parabolic uptrend… cryptocurrency is going to come full circle in 3-7 months.

    Jeff… Your advice is so flip floppy… market crash.. no crash..

    You guys just preach what you read. Get some REAL analysts…

  22. I wouldn't say its a crash, just another dip, still good buying opportunities atm although will probs dip further, lets not forget crypto isn't mass adopted yet! market will boom when it is (in the coming years), also consensus event coming up on may 14th-16th, hopefully get some institutional $$$ injected into the market after this event, also long term HODLers shouldn't be worried anyways, if you don't wana strengthen your positions during the dips.. take some time away from crypto come back in a few months, patience is key

  23. Man you sound like a bitten man! I use to be looking forward to your videos but now I feel depressed when I listen to them! I only know downtrend market as I got in mid December but I m a lot more positive than you are! Gotta focus on the positive and what’s coming next ! As you used to say before WE ARE EARLY INVESTORS! The market will hit $5 trillion one day. 2018/2019 or even 2020 who knows. If you are a long term invested then there is nothing to worry about! Just keep fucking buying lol . Come on Jeff 200k followers, you can’t sound like this! It’s all good the storm will pass. Look at good projects, their technology etc… educate us no points doing videos about what everyone already knows ! PEACE

  24. So you think the market is not growing and that everyone just gave up haha? Its growing fast, the fundamentals hasnt changed, just the price, ignore the price, what does is matter if you genuinely believe the price will someday be higher? Blockchain is growing fast, look at all mainnets launching this year, look at all development that is going on. Look at the world wide attention its getting. Many came for the quick cash grab but are now involved in something they didnt even know about a year ago.This is just the start, bad timing to join in the hype rush but everything is easy to avoid in hindsight. No solid project is going to zero, just buy the dip and youre fine, dip even more, then fill up! See this as a second chance.

  25. My guess is bottom of 5k.
    Thats when futures traders stocked up to short and pushed price to 20k. 5 is the last natural price. Then sideways for a year. Next bull run 2019

  26. If you believe a project will survive the bear market you should be accumulating and possibly look at some new pickups. You will hate yourself more for not accumulating solid coins and projects.

  27. What is happening is obvious, every time BTC goes up 400 to 500pts, 4 or 5 whales short and cause BTC to go down again. This has been taking place for 2 months now.

  28. Its getting to the prices i first started at cool im excited its a long term thing for me,,get over it this makes me laugh the sad tones,,mass adoption is way off isnt this reality of crypto its volatile its the wild west??

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