Crypto Audioblog #26, w/Andy Hoffman – Bitcoin’s Unpredictable, and Wild Ride to Monetary Dominance

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In today’s Audioblog, Andy Hoffman of and the World Crypto Network discusses the various issues involved in the recent Bitcoin price decline; historical context; and its future outlook; whilst answering questions from a reader questioning his views.

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The WCN is a youtube channel that covers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since 2014 the WCN has been creating content featuring hosts and panelists from around the world. It has had many shows over the years, with it's most popular weekly show The Bitcoin Group returning every Friday afternoon to feature an honest discussion about the very latest news in the world of cryptocurrency.


  1. Well thought comments, Andy. I appreciate your experienced perspective. Looking forward to hearing more audio blogs. I've therefore become a WCN Patreon patron.

  2. Just relax guys… We will survive no matter how low the price gets. All you have to do is buy, hold, and believe. We will find a bottom, remember the last time everyone said Btc was dead… How did that work out for them? Lul!

  3. I am too a maximalist but you made it sound like propaganda. You called the end of bear market on April which was wrong.

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