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Credit Cards NOT To Be Used To Buy Bitcoin Altcoins and other Cryptocurrency as Market Crashes

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As the Cryptocurrency Market has crashed down off its alltime high of $800 billion in early January, banks are now concerned that people will rack up large credit card bills buying Bitcoin, that they might not be able to pay back. Banks including Bank of America, JP Morgan to name a few. This is just one of several factors effecting the current market conditions.

At Altcoin Buzz we are strictly operating off of opinion and our own personal hype, we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research. We do not hold any professional or legal paperwork to offer professional advice. If you choose to follow any of our opinions from our videos you are doing so under your own free will.


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  2. What sucks is that I use my credit card to buy, then turn around and use my cash to pay off the credit card. The only reason I use that method is because a credit card is instant. Debit not so much! I get why they would do so, but kinda sucks… Oh well

  3. You sound pretty somber jeff….hang in there brother we got an army and are at war…were stuck in the trenches getting pushed back to almost full Retreat but we will rally and push back and prove the whole world wrong…i got your back

  4. people blaming the big bad banks. the media. chinese new year (since mid january). why can't we just admit that we all got played, because 90% of this market is based on hype. most of these alts don't even have a product out yet. and bitcoin being the ringleader, takes hours to transfer.

  5. We should all call in and close our credit card account with chase, citi and bank of americ? To send them a message because there are so many other company you can get a credit card from. : ) I will be buy bitcoin today and if they stop me i will close my credit card with them. I got like 9 credit card. We can record our self closing our account and post video and spread the news. What do you guys think? who is with me?

  6. Tried using debit cards from both B of A and Chase to buy some on changelly, neither worked.

    Talked to a guy a week ago who works for a wealth management company in LA. Told me they’re shorting BTC.

    Only makes sense that banks banned all funds so that it hampers people from buying dips and keeping the support high while they’re dumping.

  7. Crypto investors should put some coin together to hire a team of lawyers to fight back against the SEC and these banks. This is illegal.

  8. Yo, this was the most depressing video I’ve listened to. The mother fucker just cut it off at the end when he found out we’re all broke. “Subscribe if you like” at the end was really …. run mother fuckers run!!!!

  9. $5,400 BTC is unfortunately what I've felt we will see.
    I'm holding and buying more of everything I can when I can. These are great sales!

  10. Banks are still making money, lots of it, on the interest from credit card purchases if people only pay the minimum balance. I don’t know how banks can claim crypto is more a risk than any bad business people create and operate for a loss or any other stupid purchase people make. Not saying this is what people should do , but to ban it across the board doesn’t seem fair. It smells like fear.

  11. you need to stop with the lunar new year crap. This thing is going down because its anti establishment, if you made profit thats awesome but bitcoin is done. This whole game is done.

  12. They didnt seem to be to worried about people being able to paying back their mortgages when they were handing them out to everyone and anyone pre 2008,

  13. I can believe how scared people sound.
    Bunch of children, who hoped to make a quick and easy dollar.
    These are the ways of a real marked, kids.
    If you don´t like it, then best wander off and save us from all your whining and moaning.

    Man up for christ sake!

  14. Rant – Not everyone who uses a CC is an idiot… or a fraudster!!!!!!! A lot of you are f-in acting the same way as the banks… assuming we don’t know wtf we’re doing… STFU with it already. It’s called leveraging… and EVERYONE who makes “lambo” level money does it.

    1. Make your f-ing payments and be honorable.
    2. Be prepared to lose… and STILL payback your debts!
    3. HODL and realize we’re winning if they’re sweating.

  15. I think you are missing the point jeff is the banks are coordinating this credit card ban citing potential debts as the reason and yet we can still use credit cards to gamble as much as we possibly can on sport betting. They are threatened by crypto so they are trying to destroy it.

  16. This is a classic bubble bursting. BTC is slowly going to 4-5k at least within a year . Probably lower.

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