CashBet Interview – Why Licensed iGambling matters

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Cashbet is integrating a new cryptocurrency coin, cashbet coin into their existing gambling platform. In this sponsored video, I talk to their CEO Mike Reaves about why they chose to adopt cryptocurrencies, and how they secured Arsenal Football club as their partner.
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*** This is a sponsored interview.This is not financial advise. ICOs involves a high degree of risk and should be considered only by persons who can afford to sustain a loss.***

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  1. Sad to see payed interviews like this. With all the respect, this does not fit your chanel.

  2. Mike Reaves in a previous interview stated they were considering using the FUN casino platform to launch Cashbet. I think Funfair (FUN) will be much better investment then Cashbet because they are simply a software platform, not a casino themselves

  3. Sounds like this is a legitimate, responsible company. I am not a proponent nor opponent of gambling. Just does not interest me. Great job Michael!

  4. CashBet ICO goes live on April 10th – fully expecting this to give great return to any investors who participate, gambling online is already a HUGE cashcow, so gambling on the ERC20 blockchain as this project aims to do will bring great things!

  5. Truegame seems a better ico! Working platform, good interface, multiple games, 2 gamelicences in 2 different countries approved, really good reviews on for instance icobench, good tokenmetrics and great roadmap with lots of things to come. Low. Ico is still running! O and as a tokenholder you get dividend (part of the earnings from ticketsale).

  6. Chino be like what was my happy thinking when I played dead pussy haha Rosie be like I didn't admit it because I did not want to here him crying like a baby lmao

  7. Michael, thanks for helping shed some light on the gambling industry (which often also includes stocks and cryptos). For example, options, like the ones on Bitcoin, are pure gambling.

    Anyway — I look forward to the day when we will be able to spend our own money on fair wagers not where you have to pay a 17% take like in American horse racing or an unknown take in impossible-to-beat casino games.

    The one big question that needs to be asked of all gambling sites is — what percentage of money is returned to the player? This most-important question was avoided.

  8. Hi guys !

    about the CryptoGo…
    First a bit more theoretical question : is it correct to say that it is the smart contract which allows micropayment embedded in the CashBet Coin?
    …then technical: it sounds similar to the Lightning network in Bitcoin, except that CryptoGo is not decentralized, nor opensource…still are there any technical similarities?

    Cheers !

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