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There are a few companies available that are offering decentralized cloud storage solutions to businesses and end users. One of the main concerns with data storage these days is security, and decentralized file distribution and fragmentation seems to solve that problem. It is still TBD whether all of these available companies will be able to meet strict PCI and HIPAA regulations.

We take a brief look at Sia (SC), Filecoin (FIL), and Storj (STORJ) and what they have to offer today as well as down the road.

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  1. Liked this vid. I'm also into the tech, and compare like projects; particularly blockchain projects which seek to replace existing services.

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  3. Loving the more light hearted vids Steve!, almost heard a joke coming at 3:48 but understand you gotta hold back a lil to not get the pc police off side lol. Keep up the great work man!!

  4. Once again these are great ideas but what is the value of the coins. If I was buying shares in the company they could be very solid investments, but what value does the coin have? I'm confused why the coins have hundreds of mill in value.

  5. ECC is an intersting project crossing in to this space. Dirt cheap right now. I invested early in SiaCoin. The cost of SiaCoin could get to $5 without impacting on the cost of storage to the consumer or disincentivising the storage providers if storage provider adoption is massive, because it will be driven by the number of coins divided by the amount of storage available multiplied by the amount people are willing to pay for storage. But $5 is unlikely. If the value is high and the provider is receiving a reduced number of coins of a higher value then it's a net/net equation.

  6. During these market conditions, I’m steering clear of near worthless penny tokens. Heavy into Bitcoin right now. Cardano is my most speculative holding. Bitcoin will have to lead the markets resurgence. Half in fiat until confidence returns. That won’t come until after the Tether fiasco is resolved.

  7. Steve is there any way you can check out Social Send Coin?? Jeff went over it before but now it has a good white paper worth checking out

  8. Please feel free to send me some Cryptos If you don't want them, or are feeling particularly generous 😉 <3
    (Ask me for more addresses if these 3 aren't enough)

  9. Speaking of tech videos, more videos on tech from that Marcus Gustafsson dude (probably butchered the hell out of that) would be awesome! He really blew me away with the quality of his NEO video and knowledge, and sure enough soon after that NEO went from like 112 to 170. Not that I'm expecting similar results price wise, but that was definitely some of the highest quality content I've seen you guys produce!

  10. I'm pessimistic, only because I think whales will drive it down as low as possible, maybe $3k. I HOPE NOT! But get your buy orders ready!!!!!!!

  11. Steve & Jeff. If you wanna help these ppl start mentioned NEBULAS in your videos.
    NAS is the future & a whole different dimension.
    What’s your take? Are you guys keeping quiet about it to accumulate more?

  12. Holding strong. Feb 6th big regulation meetings in USA. We need some clarity with the regulatory rules Also, some banks/credit cards are charging cash withdraw fees if you buy crypto with a credit card.

  13. Hey there! Mind checking out my new $2000 portfolio? Posted a video about it on my channel and wanted to get your opinion on my currencies of choice. Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

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