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The WCN is a youtube channel that covers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since 2014 the WCN has been creating content featuring hosts and panelists from around the world. It has had many shows over the years, with it's most popular weekly show The Bitcoin Group returning every Friday afternoon to feature an honest discussion about the very latest news in the world of cryptocurrency.


  1. I know a guy who has an Aston Martin, the same model that James Bond had, but without the gadgets. Every year the car is worth more money. We both went to the home of a common friend for a dinner party. The "poor" (he is very well off) could not relax. He spent most of the evening looking out of the window, making sure that nothing was happening to the car. Our friend lived in a not upmarket area of London. When the party was over he drove me to my place in the Aston Martin. Cool car, the seat belt is like from an aircraft, although the car is a bit noisy. I prefer Citroen DS23, so smooth and comfortable. It can keep on going with of of the back wheels missing. It is very futuristic and the suspension is the best in the world. Maybe, one day if my fraction of bitcoin goes stratospheric I will get one Citroen DS but will I worry like the guy of the Aston Martin?

    Thank you for your work MadBitcoins and enjoy!

  2. Please Please Please, stop with the long Skype noise and the bad connection calls. Oh my God !
    I ran a talk show in So. Florida for a long time and here are the big DON'Ts…
    1- long calls… no matter the content (limit to 5 min max) or have the person as a guest in some future show if he/she is that interesting
    long calls result in hijacking the show. People want to hear YOU not some dude. It's a familiarity thing.
    2- bad call connections, no matter the content or intended interview (hang up and call again)
    3- volume control, lag, choppiness… all of this will result in people shutting off

    respect the listener's ear and you will be rewarded

    I really like your tone. Your voice ads mystique and an air of sarcasm. Brilliant!

  3. Net neutrality kills free market and puts more control in government organisations and the elite so only the "privileged corps and lobbyists" will get the best hosting . Im glad its gone !

  4. With Respect Thomas, imo you've got a bit of cognitive dissonance regarding "Net Neutrality". You missed the point that monopolies are created and enforced by government regulators. If the ISP market was a free market we'd have more ISPs, more choices. Without monopolistic ISPs anyone screwing their customers by limiting service or throttling bandwidth would simply be handing business to their competitors or creating a new market for a new competitor.

    Getting the government involved is what changes the system from voluntary to mandatory (or in this case "mandatory if you want access to the net"). The irony is that we have so few ISPs due to government involvement, so government created the problem, but you are still turning to them to solve the problem. Let the markets work. are a perfect example of how incumbents attempt to protect themselves from the free market by using the government to create burdensome regulation. The NYDFS Bitlicense is another example. Small players couldn't possibly comply with each locale having their own expensive licensing process – that's a big win for the banks and other big players but a loss for the free market.

    Regarding my Wireless ISP example, if Wireless carriers are forced to not bandwidth shape then they will likely not be able to compete because they'd have higher up front infrastructure costs. Instead of mandates a wireless ISP could offer a limited service, say a more private service (since there's no wire entering your home) for more private access (say Bitcoin transactions) and could charge a lower fee due to the economies of wireless. Getting the government involved will likely drive smaller operators out of business thereby leaving people with no other options than the big guys.

    It was clear from the way you spoke about it you were not really examining the underlying issues and instead were simply repeating a mantra. Start by asking yourself why you trust the government to manage the internet when you don't trust them to manage money. Hopefully a more objective view will emerge.

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