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Bitcoin on a Run Along With Other Cryptos

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Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market are running a bit this morning, but how sustainable will this run be?

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  1. and BTW – im still holding tight with ($REA) and BankEX ($BKX) that you think im shilling all the time 😉 im just trying to spread the word about these greatly UNDERVALUED projects (with very low coin circulation) to family, friends, and people i care about before it blasts off to the next galaxy! all i literally do is sit at home on my pc with (3) HP27es moniters + (1) 55" Wall mounted tv (pegged to AI signal bot) and do nothing but research projects, move crypto around, invest in some icos, work a lil bit (im a CAD draftsman in real life). please review these 2 projects for your knowledge and u can thank me later! lol! or atleast next live stream when u see my question on "$bkx and $rea" you can tell me why you disagree with my bullish forever hodl approch to these tokens

  2. Watched this at Luncb timer today in Australia mate, that Mall/Giant Shopping Centre idea will collapse in time. There's a documentary on it from some American Skater who goes around to deserted and abondoned Cities,Malls and Shopping Centres in the U.S.
    Should check it out. Tonight on TV here in Australia is how Virtual Shopping Centres and Malls are on the rise so you don't even have to leave the lounge anymore. It's been a long time coming I reckon and Thanks for your service. I've a long family history of people serving so I'm glad your now just filming and able to do these Videos.
    Cheers Mate 😎🍻 Enjoy the trip

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