Bitcoin Mining – What do they use?

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A hands on video of what miners use to mine bitcoin! Also check out the surprise at the end of the video! This was filmed at the friendly Hong Kong Bitcoin Center & OTC trading desk, Genesis Block.
About specialized mining equiptment (ASIC) :

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Join me on this crazy cryptocurrency adventure! In this channel we'll discuss cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) and discuss the latest trends. Best of all, everything is delivered in a short, easy to understand video.


  1. Michael, I gpu mine Monero. That's actually how I found your channel, I was looking for tutorials on how to get setup. I currently have an AMD Radeon 7870 in my daily computer, and I chopped up an old Emachines and adjusted the bios to setup my other rig with a GTX 970 and a 560 ti. I have got everything I have second hand. $260 total spent on gpus, and $75 on power supplies. And the Emachines was given to me as a non working computer. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Wow thanks so much Michael. I’m out in the sticks today in Southeastern Oklahoma and needed my technology fix!

  3. you make good videos but sometimes not very accurate 🙂 for a channel named boxmining… Plug the ethernet cable and that asic will get x2 or x3 louder. Other than that, keep up the good work m8

  4. Got me a whole bunch of these things warming my warehouse through out the winter – oh and earning BTC. And don't forget. those BTC were earned by performing a crucial function in the network.

  5. ASIC are bad for the environment if they have no purpose beside that. At least with graphic card you can still use it in other purpose like gaming or rendering.

  6. Thumbs up this comment if you want to hear about the top 10 dead coins and why they failed..

    Seriously.. not a joke.

    You have heard about Bitcoin to death.. let's hear about the other end of the scale.

  7. Asics are crude and rude. Zombie boxes for zombie miners, priced on how much profit they make and not the tech inside. Just FORK off already lol

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