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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market and Stock Market Red Sea – Q1 Financially is a Bear

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Q1 is off to a bearish start in finance in both stocks and cryptocurrency markets. Will certainly be interesting to see what can happen from here as the markets experience what we like to call a Red Sea. When will the flooding stop?

At Altcoin Buzz we are strictly operating off of opinion and our own personal hype, we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research. We do not hold any professional or legal paperwork to offer professional advice. If you choose to follow any of our opinions from our videos you are doing so under your own free will.


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  4. The last long bull market lasted like 3 years with 3x less volume than now.
    BTC was over 1000$ and it took BTC 3 years to get back to 1000$ again.
    If you divide 1000$ on three years, you get 333.33$ per year.
    100% divided with 3 is 33.3%

    Illuminati Confirmed! 😀

    If i have to take a guess, i'd say;
    if it happens again, it could take another 10 months to a year when things start to go visibly up again.

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  6. Hey, I love your videos, can you please do a video on Bitcoin Private hard fork? Seems like an interesting concept, but I don’t understand how 2 coins will hard fork togeher

  7. I would like your opinion on whether you think that when people can buy Alt coins direct instead of buying Bitcoin first, will that make bitcoin a thing of the past, considering it's already looked upon as an older technology, and some exchanges now offering the ability to convert fiat straight to alt coins, thanks man!

  8. Jeff I’m a big fan of your channel and what you’ve been doing I’ve been watching your videos since day one….I’m just not so thrilled with the way you’ve been making some of your videos lately due to the fact that 50% of your videos give or take are you going to your Twitter and showing what went down I’m more curious about the market and and your outlooks let what happens on Twitter stay on Twitter (don’t get me wrong your Twitter is great but that’s Twitter this is YouTube ) keep it up

  9. DCA to the bottom.. then ride the bull up again. ITS not like were gonna say that «Ok, we tried Crypto , IT didnt work out, lets give it up and move on. What’s next on the list? Hover boards ? “

  10. Oh yeez… Jeff man dont go on coinmarketcap for technical info. Work abit on your skills man. For your own sake.

  11. I'm buying at the low and holding for long term, never fear the dip coz I bought low, this is another chance, grab more alt coins it's on sale people! You're welcome!

  12. The funniest thing would be if the stocks were all sold off and money pumped into crypto from that the world would start spinning the other way around 😂😂😂😂 l am hodling to all my crypto it will recover no doubt weak hands will shake off and people will get wiser.. Less shitty scammy ICOs would help too.. Regulating crypto world should help the newbies to not to get burnt too much l have been in crypto since 2013 and this is just another history repeats itself where bitcoin lost 80% of its value.. The market has definitely been overbought in December what goes up parabolically like that must come down and start with a clean slate.. Hodl hodl hodl 😁😁

  13. Ethos is the amazon of crypto’s. Believe me this will skyrocket in a few months, friday big announcement. Top 20 potential, thank me later

  14. I’m in the position where I’m buying to increase my limits on coinbase plus I’m looking to buy a home monitor. Any thoughts on what computer to get?

  15. Did anyone not see this coming? I did and put stop limit orders on when they went down to 10100BTC and slightly higher comp levels on eth and LTC. At that level I still made good profit since I bought in summer/ fall of 2017. I sold 50% at $15000; 25% at $12000; then 15% at $10100 of my assets so I profited off all of it. Once I saw that last dip with a weak support over a few days and no bounce; that was when I set the final 10100 order. So I'm day trading and now I don't have to worry about losing my whole position when my goal is to make single digit gains in days or a week. I still have a bit left now and LOTS of cash to day trade with too. I was totally new to this in august and I figured out the bubble by treating this like a 40hr/wk job. Was it easy like these idiots on youtube make it seem? No it was hard and lots of staying up late getting up early and having my lap top glued to my side every where I went. I learned so much. My only regret was not having more money to put in. I did take out all of my savings maxed out a credit card thats now paid off and sold alot of my stuff as well as not spending any money on anything fun for 5 months and dumped it all in but so worth it. Never before have I made money so easily compared to regular jobs where your an employee.

  16. one thing Jeff has been 100% right about: he is definetly NOT a financial advisor….
    one thing Jeff has been 100% wrong about: NEVER EVER holdl when the market is turning…. if we don;'t take our profits… someone else (wall street) will… I love ya jeff but i think its time to go back to your sailor job dude…. lol

  17. There's gonna be a lot of new millionaires… $500 Ethereum, $0.25 Stellar, $1.25 IOTA, are you kidding me? This is like CYBER MONDAY 2018 but in February!!!

  18. There's gonna be a lot of new millionaires… $500 Ethereum, $0.25 Stellar, $1.25 IOTA, are you kidding me? This is like CYBER MONDAY 2018 but in February!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ok, so now the ‘hodlers’ get to hope to get their money back somewhere this year, while the ‘weak hands’ can multiply their money AGAIN. Bweh…

  20. If Trump does not put all the Crypto ICOs in jail it means he is part of the game… He is the elite who is looting people's money

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