Big Money Investors in Cryptocurrency (Whales) Can Calm Manipulation

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One of the most common assertions about the cryptocurrency Market, I see daily from YOU, the audience is claims of “Market Manipulation” that whales have too much power to affect the price. That is because, whether wea like to admit it or not, the market is still fairly centralized around a select few whales. If cryptocurrency can get investor confidence from other big money investors, this will calm some of the market manipulation.

At Altcoin Buzz we are strictly operating off of opinion and our own personal hype, we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research. We do not hold any professional or legal paperwork to offer professional advice. If you choose to follow any of our opinions from our videos you are doing so under your own free will.


  1. Just a little story for the people who are interested, bored and/or started recently with BTC and co.

    In August I bought for a few thousand dollars some BTC and even some BCH, just because it was mentioned in a newspaper.

    When I came back at the exchange a few days later, BCH was pumping for the first time and I made some nice profits. I thought I was a trader and started buying and selling like playing games in the casino. I had gains, but actually I didn't know what I was doing at all. To conquer crypto world, I started reading in forums like here at CC. Without any knowledge and of course no experience, FOMO and FUD caught me and I bought a fair amount of XRP/ Ripple at ATH. Of course it was dumped shortly after. I did not give up and started investing in BTC. All good until the China ban and again I was a bag holder. When the price was back to my initial investment, I was unstoppable and owned like 18 BTC or more at a certain moment, just by buying with fiat. Within a short amount of time there were several forks, the war with BCH after the cancellation of Segwit2X and many other developments which caused uncertainty in the market. I never sold at any loss, but yes I did sell low out of fear. Waiting to get some trust in what I was doing meant that I had to buy back in higher again. During those 'crashes', I was checking the charts on my phone 24/7, which had a negative influence on my decisions and also my life. I knew I had to change this and decided to stay calm and do proper research before buying or selling. I reached the point of peace and knew that this game is all about patience and trust in what you are doing. Came back in the game with a little more experience and some help from a long time friend who referred me to some cryptolite traders who have proven their worths this past weeks, all I’ve done this last 7 weeks was go off and didn't do anything at all. But now My portfolio is green. the ATH Ripples are 300% up, My 9 BTC investment up by 15.01%, the Electroneums which I bought in the ICO are x10 and some other alts are also having nice % in the right color. Although, if I did not touch my coins since the early beginning, I would have much much more 'virtual' profit. still confess contact me on fornmore informations

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  4. These whales are likely entities like North Korea, African nations, Iran, couple of Eastern European players that have already been reported about, Arabs, some rogue billionaires. They’re not just angel investors. They’re playing. They’re having fun.

  5. Lol thanks for addressing me at the end… Been trying to avoid looking at the tron price. FOMO'd in at $0.20 and then AGAIN at $0.25. Thankfully it's not any more than I can't afford but it does suck having the funds locked up in something knowing I NEED to hodl for who knows how long just to get even. Was gonna be HODLing anyway but it's a bit of a kick in the nuts as my first crypto investment lmao. Ahhhh well 💩 happens

  6. beautiful attractive characteristics of 808coin
    1. Algorithm Proof of Work & Proof of Stake SHA 256
    2. Org. Structure Decentralized
    3. coin supply 4 Billion Approx
    4. marketecap is very low… its mean if you buy coin when its marketecap $900,000 if the marketcap reached @ $3,600,000 your pforit will be 4 times …
    5. circulating supply is very high… its mean investment forumla being accurate….. lowcapital /high circulating = gaining chances 7000%.
    this coin has bright future if crypto markete alive ….

    what a surprise hidden in crypto during 2018

    Disclaimer: this is not any advice for anyone to invest in any cryptocurrency.

  7. Bitcoin will never reach $1M. It will never reach $200K, either. Use your heads people. Life just doesn't hand you free money. It doesn't work that way. I am honestly surprised Jeff with his corporate experience with even suggest that, let alone hope for it.

  8. This is one of your most misinformed videos you've posted. Someone just bought 11 bitcoin….is 11 bitcoin filled at that price, not that one person bought 11 bitcoin, but could be. Additionally there's computers running on algorithms trading based on technical analysis. You really need to understand oversold/overbought and consolidation related to trading to understanding what's taking place. Additionally the stock market is available to everyone in the USA and investing consistently and dollar cost averaging by diversifying is beneficial to everyone but most don't. Most Americans have no financial understanding of how to invest and its benefits because school doesn't teach you. That's the real problem.

  9. The more open minded billionaires are already invested/ing in the space.  Most are not however.  Mike Novagratz was interviewed about this and said that what the space really needs, more than anything, are some huge wins.  Specifically, certain projects coming to fruition and demonstrating completely that they're worth investing in.  White papers and good ideas are not going to draw most big money folks in this space.  As soon as some projects make a really big real world splash, the space won't be such a joke or a bad word to most.  Also, mass adoption can't happen when you have bottle necks with current exchanges and storage of coins, etc.  For many the space is still too tough to gain entrance to (too many steps) and storage risks are a potential turn off.  The younger generations are more comfortable navigating those waters, the older generations (those with the most wealth) aren't as comfortable.  Newer platforms that tear down these barriers to entry and add simplification will be a critical piece preceding mass adoption, along with genuine compelling real world use cases for projects.

  10. Tip from someone who learned the hard way;

    During market bleeds….hide in the LOW to medium volume coins if Tether is freaking you out like me.
    I ATE it playing my normal high volume coins.
    You create TIME for yourself to work these down in a manageable, professional way.

    Lot less likely to say, "Where did the price fall to now while I got a soda?"

  11. YOUR the best narrator.

    I gathered my loot into LEND, and BNB last night.

    After BLOODY losses, I ain't playing. I got like Noah and gathered ALL my sheep into medium volume coin…LEND.

    (Whales won't notice me here, in LEND as its a shakey coin I felt had way more promise 2 months ago.
    I am NOT huge on the coin cuz it looks like everything's in order on the web, BUT actual loans being made, no news feeds, Twitter activity talk made me squint an eye and say uh, oh…..
    Hard to explain but to say it looks like astroturf feed to me. Call me nuts. It throws up flags, so DONT hide here with me is my advice cuz I bailing unless I SEE news in a site beyond Dec 2017…..

    With that said;
    Catch the knife lasted a whole nother 3 weeks here, but I knew after the Bitcoin washer/dryer experience, how to play myself down with a slower bleed, in a slower volume, (made sense to me, lol) and add coins at same time.

    I turned my last money from 1,000 coins to 9,800 and it's starting to go now all over in spurts again. Yay.

    Hell here on BINANCE, even in HERE there are dudes holding couple hundred grand prowling like cats.

    Make sure you keep back bids for their "pops" kids.
    Sometimes you catch that pop line….most times not.

    Good luck!

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