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Welcome to Savage Cash, hosted by your Superhero Cryptocurrency Expert, Suppoman! You will also learn how to trade and invest in it, learn how I conduct technical analysis, coin analysis & ICO analysis.


  1. It will only go straight up from here! Best time to invest in new coins and markets! My suggestion in Sibcoin – it has good ICO's connected to it too!

  2. Can't say I even bother to listen to your 'new cryptos' stuff when my existing ones are doing so badly. Even good news like the Ethos Universal Wallet have no effect whatsoever. I know you said it'll get worse before it gets better. Hope you're right about the latter as I've invested enough.

  3. Hey Suppo, make the videos as long as you need to and have got something useful to say. Don't stretch them, just because you can.

  4. take as much time as you need man. we watch you for the info you provide and respect the time you take sharing it with us. if you are willing to spend your entire day researching crypto then when its time to share your thoughts we want to hear them in the time you need to share it.

  5. The bear remains.

    With coinbase announcing fiat to alt pairings and binance announcing fiat to alt pairings. Bitcoin will bleed.

    Bitcoins big value is in part due to its exclusive access to the alts. This is a 'basic' which is too often overlooked.

    For the market to grow it needs to open up.

    Let's admit it. It is a piss about buying bitcoin / litecoin/ ether to then buy alts. The lay person just wants to buy their alt investments quickly and due to bitcoins monopoly on coinbase it creates a barrier.

  6. Hi Suppoman-please try to reach out to Tony Fernandez of AirAsia- I really like his idea of the BIG token to support his low cost airline. It might be my first ICO investment if you give it the green light 🙂

  7. Suppo I completely understand and empathize with your intentions in these daily videos but let’s be honest.. in 2018 the cryptocurrency world is dominated and controlled by the whales and/or financial institutions. Good luck to anyone else at this point, there’s no real difference to walking into a casino and going “all in”

  8. Oh and I love my daily hours with you, but we do have to share you with your life so just be flexible to what YOU want or need. We apréciate it all!

  9. Ah supo, you were just here in my dream! it was so nice to have you visit. I was just about to give you a massage after the long journey and my 11 ur old son kept needing me, interrupting, when the ducks awoke me downstairs with a ruckus when one got out of the pen. It was so real, you felt so good to be here in Montana!thanks for the visit. Come again!I couldn’t sleep so I was listening to you, always a great pleasure Suppo..

  10. I am a NEX lottery winner – can anybody please explain what happens after KYC approval? I have no clue… Where can I buy the tokens and do I have to send NEO to my extension in advance? Suppo, can you maybe cover this in your next video please? Sorry for asking, I'm relatively new in crypto und still unexperienced 🙂

  11. 40 mins to 1 hour perfect to answer everyone’s questions. Do like walk and talk videos on a weekend, especially on a sunny day 😊x

  12. Waltonchain screwed over their customers before and showed a big lack of ethics. Don't invest in a team that screws its own customers.

  13. nothing wrong to paid promos as far as they promote good product, i say u should charge ppl who can effort to pay, can do it free fr newbie with less investmnt,

  14. Centra that you spoke about… More like heavily promoted it ! Why play it off like you haven't…. Clearly you were paid to do so. What does that say about you and the coins you currently promote. Own up to it. Everyone never listen to a you tuber always due your own research and take your own risk. I was not an investor of Centra

  15. Thanks for your immense dedication in sharing a great wealth of knowledge about cryptos! Could you touch on Bankera? Does it have great potential?

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