Altcoins on the Radar for April 2018

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  1. I am sorry….investors are here to get the best returns out of their investment….as a small investor, we cant afford to put big money into coins with value more than 1 USD…for some, the threshold would be higher..but largely, the idea is to get max value from low market cap coins….investing in blue chip cryptos is good when you can get leverage by investing loads of money…my dream is simple, can i do a 100x or 1000x with a coin which is trading today at say 0.01/0.001/0.1 USD? my answer is i can….if i can find coins with good teams and progress..

  2. TBar is kicking butt! I had a feeling it was undervalued and when they announced that a masternode was 10,000 Tbar I topped up at 0.26 cents and then it has gone on a crazy run and still is sitting over .40 c and I think it's still undervalued.

  3. We finally took twitter @Bitcoin off Roger. That is the best news for a while, Roger daily talked down on bitcoin through this channel. Bcash deserves to fall outside top 100.

  4. How can you insinuate that fake satoshi is actually real? did you know that is what you implied.? strange thing to say

  5. Nice video man. Thanks Jeff, been a big fan of your work since last year now.Good to see you. Can you sometimes switch and actually show the chart of the coin in just keeps it more interesting. I realized that now you try n keep them focus n stay on crypto topics it's great it's a good thing for your streaming. Great work man. 💯👍🏽

  6. i dont think craig wright is satoshi. i think bch is going to.boom later. think.icon is good. overall. i like your suggestion s. always help ful. keep up good work. sincerely. exciting world cryptos

  7. Jeff last year you reviewed a lot of interesting coins (and even purchased) but now you're encouraging your viewers to invest in top 20 coins and your tone is almost chastising as to why don't people buy into top20 coins. Well, for one, a lot of the top 20 coins are expensive except for trx, xvg, ada, and xlm. Well expensive depending on your disposable income of course. It just bothers me that just because your sentiment changed now you're encouraging others to do the same. But there's also a lot of really good projects outside of the top 20 AND they are less costly. Yes, a lot of them may be a little more risk when the market has a downturn but even if you got into top 20 coins unless you were in the market early last year….you were going to take a major loss no matter what you picked up. Although you aren't giving financial advice you must realize that some people still look at you as, well informed in the industry. I just think you should consider the power of your words because investing in top20 could mean missing out on very good projects/gains outside of the top20. ex: icon, poa, ontology just to name a few.

  8. Bitcoin Cash, is has zero intrinsic value, … just, look at the basic facts, during the current market downturn, BTC has gone up in market dominance while Bcash has gone down to where it is a fair bet as to when LTC will surpass it by the end of the year.

    Bcash is just a money grab fork on bitcoins name.

  9. It's crazy to hear anyone that still brings up Craig Wright as possibly SN….Hal Finney is clearly Satoshi..his work and timeline of his illness fits perfectly for when any communications stopped. When Hal died is when Satoshi stopped talking…there were other devs and computer scientists that helped, so he didn't do it alone, but it's obvious Craig is a fraud..and the fact that he's being sued by Hals family for coercing them to give over his wallet keys, tells the story…do your research guys

  10. To all the bcash haters: do more research.. DIG DEEPER into the blocksize debate origins and you will find hidden secrets. Its all not all as black & white as it seems. IF the bitcoin (btc) devs weren't such ego driven austic cunts, then Bcash would have never been created… Look up Andreas Antonopolous he tried to get Roger Ver and Matonis, two pro-bitcoin people at the time (2013) into a press thing for just to have more diversity. There was a discussion on github about it where the BTC devs showed how ego driven, autistic, socially retarded and drunk on power they really are. After seeing how they treated Andreas I suddenly had weird sympathy for Roger Ver. They turned one of the biggest bitcoin supporters into a comic book villain. By being undemocatric and shutting down all the voices who wanted to increase blocksize so that we DONT have high fees and long wait times. LOOK INTO IT.

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