Altcoin News – Singapore No BAN? Coinbase Exchange SegWit Upgrade, Baroness Mone, $100,000 Bitcoin?

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This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look at Singapore confirms it will not ban cryptocurrency and no risk concerns. Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange to roll out long-awaited SegWit Upgrade in a few weeks. Baroness Michelle Mone launches cryptocurrency to ‘encourage women to invest in tech’. Bitcoin Price – could crypto to reach $100,000? Here is what Analyst Ronnie Moas has to say. Could blockchain solve the multi-billion dollar problem of digital advertising fraud? Is ClearPoll the future of marketing? Cryptocurrency meeting continues existing regulatory narrative. We also look at updates on Stellar, IOTA and TRON.


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  2. My least fav Altcoin Buzz member. No offence dude. I just can’t ever follow you in your videos. It’s not as smooth flowing as Jeff, Steve or Matt.

  3. I’d like to see a video on how you guys handle taxes in regards to trading? I’m not saying give us tax advice, but just like you share your input on the market I think sharing your input on taxes and how you setup a correct plan when trading and taking profit. Thanks

  4. Very difficult to understand this video on many, many, levels, most of which will not be stated out of courtesy and kindness. Let’s put it this way, everyone can’t be Brad Pitt. Everyone isn’t Tom Brokaw. We must all figure out our strengths.

  5. Shaylin please read a little slower! I do enjoy your crypto- news videos, but you're making a ton of mistakes as you are reading. Since each of these videos is done in one take, just slow down when reading the news, or perhaps, read it over once before making the vid. This isn't hate, just constructive criticism. Thanks for all the work you boys are doing… out there

  6. This guy is so hard to take seriously. Work on, study and prepare your material before the video…

  7. Random question: If I place an order on binance for say like, something at 300 satoshi, but the current trading price is way higher so the 300 is not even on the selling order window at the left, could it still go through if someone decides to sell at 300 satoshi, even if it's way above the current trading price and indeed not appearing on the left?

  8. I would have loved to buy alts on the dip but coinbase hasnt given ma bitcoins ps- its been 6 days simce i ordered pss- who do i sue to the moon?

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