Altcoin News – Japan Airline Accepting BTC? Crowdfire Exchange, NFL Bitcoin, Bittrex Update, UNICEF

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his is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look at Japanese leading airline called Peach aviation implementing bitcoin as a form of payment. Crowdfire founder looking to launch India’s next big exchange called Wazirx. NFL star looking into cryptocurrency while recovering from an injury. Bittrex to add USD Trading and reopen user sign ups. Unicef asks gamers to mine cryptocurrency for Syrian children. We also look at updates on TenX, TRON and Lisk.

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  2. F yeah! I'm finally losing money! Down from my original investment from the first week of December . Why am Happy? Because I was so scared to get there, that now I'm there I care no more! Human psychology is absolutely amazing. 🙃

  3. Dude you need to do more research. Blue is already implementing a javascript for fraud protection.. Its a wonder how Jeff hasn't told you about BLUE

  4. Altcoin buzz on the down lo. After this total collapse of the crypto market. Told y’all Should be in 200b range soon. 100b by end of the month. Will be wiped out by June.

  5. Glad i moved most $$ into xrp and xlm, not quite the bath i would be taking in my small caps… Lets pray to the BTC Gods at this SEC meeting turns on a BIGASS GREEN LIGHT!

  6. We just got served folks. By big bank and institutions. As they buy in to take control we get slaughtered. Once they take majority control of all cryptos they will sink them all. No way they will allow the threat of any crypto to supersede them. This is the beginning of the end…

  7. UNICEF is a scam , how much does the CEO make ? and how much of the donations go to the people who really need it .

  8. Ive lost so much money on this Bullshit already, seems like its still tanking, some coins i got need to get 5x gains for me to get my money back. And no I didnt buy at alltime highs

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