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Altcoin News – India Ban FUD? LitePay Launch, Blockchain Kickstarter, Crypto Laundering, Super Bowl

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This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we look CoinTelegraph interview with Indians three largest exchanges and what they had to say about cryptocurrency ban rumours. Litepay said to release in a few days. New Kickstarted blockchain based projects to challenge the crowdfunding sector. Cryptocurrency is harder to launder than fiat currency. Super Bowl fan uses Bitcoin to snap up tickets for $19,000 in the first for NFL showpiece event. We also look at updates on Ethos, WaBi and Verge.


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  1. The "banksters" who have enslaved the world have chosen
    "money laundering" as their crypto attack talking point.
    Now all the MSM preening parakeets have their script.

  2. India has already said they will not ban crypto and welcome it as the finance ministry does not consider legal currency.

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