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Altcoin News – Google Extension Ban? Reddit News, Nvdia CEO Talks Crypto, South Korea Cryptocurrency

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This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we talk about latest news being that Google is banning all cryptocurrency mining extensions from Chrome Store.
Reddit stops accepting bitcoin. NVIDIA CEO says cryptocurrency is here to stay. Finally a solution for cryptocurrency volatility with Oduwa Coin. South Korea’s capital is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency. We also look at some updates from OmiseGO, Verge and VeChain.


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  1. I sense a coming offensive move by the U.S. (the worlds bully police), to crack down
    on crypto with a campaign of manipulation and propaganda.. That is while the rest of the 'free' world will be allowed to surpass
    us once again.

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  3. Gd day fd, tk you for the good quality daily content, the mainstream adoption is starting to happen slowly as cliff high, john Mcafee predicted, the Giants are coming! my message to all the early believers/ communities is, keep up and get stronger, many delegations are happening behind closed doors, for the adaption now not for rejection as Andreas Antonopoulos forseen! so who is rejecting crypto today they will return later dear community! and I'm not saying this because of the small change in price

  4. The only reason bitcoin goes up is to screw the shorts. The whales will screw the small fish who are trying to play their game of shorting. And the main whales are the exchanges themselves.

  5. Dent is one of the coins that has a working product on the market available on both IOS & android. They are partnered with some big telco companies and has been added to an Korean exchange. Their coin also went up over 18% today but only Vechain was mentioned. The problem I see in crypto is that all these crypto channels seem to put more emphasis on what's popular and not what's working. Good coins that can build crypto will end up making way for coins that still only give promises which in the end will hurt crypto. My opinion of course.

  6. They will try and suppress crypto, they will succeed in the short term, but long term crypto will come out on top. Crypto is here to stay and is the future.

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