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Altcoin News – CryptoPicture Billion Dollar Picture? IBM Evolution, TRON Testnet, Covesting Platform

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This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we talk about what is currently happening in the world of crypto for this week. We also look at a startup which sells ad space on a pixel tapestry for cryptocurrency. It looks like IBM is getting more serious about cryptocurrency. Justin Sun announces the launch of the TRON Testnet. Beta testing of Covesting’s cryptocurrency trading platform officially starts. We also look at updates from Electroneum, Waltonchain and Telcoin.


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  1. Would have liked to have heard about the Oyster Airdrop this Friday. Free Shell coins even if you have the Oyster coins on the Kucoin exchange. A great product and team with a main net deployment soon and real world need for the product.

  2. TRON – cheap transactions, instant token creation, super fast network , big and professional team, visionary CEO, millennial focus – buy buy buy

  3. cryptopicture is bullshit. ibm evolution is bullshit. tron is bullshit. covesting is bullshit. anything that doesnt need a coin to secure the network is bullshit…period…

  4. I tried out shorting btc. Put the order in with 2:1 margin and a few hours later I saw that the price dropped by $200 and was starting to go back upward, so I closed it out and made 2.4% net. Very easy to do, simple as normal buying. I couldn't have got stopped out unless it had risen to the mid $11Ks, so no chance of that. It shows you a live readout of your current P/L if you closed the order then. Shorting is a little more costly than just buying/selling, because of rollover fees, but for short term trading it doesn't make much difference. It's only 0.01% per four hours, so about 1% in 4 days. I didn't even use USD. You can use either btc or USD as the collateral so I used the btc. I guess probably better to use USD so your own btc doesn't decrease in value at the same time as you make more btc shorting. I have to wait for the price to get to a peak of some sort before I convert to USD though.

  5. Why should TRX moon coin burn wont make a real difference there will still be 65 billion coins only the uncirculation coins will burn so 400 sat in this market cap is still over value

  6. In the grand scheme of things, crypto is but a blip on the financial radar. So much potential is all I see. Great job covering the news of crypto.

  7. How come no mention of Skycoin killing lately? It gained more than TRX did and has maintained it. TRX crashed right after their announcement. I'm tired of hearing about the same coins over and over. It baffles me that people aren't taking a closer look at Skycoin.

  8. Verge u forget but we remember always ! I love how so much has happened about verge including the partnership but thos NEWS ALTCOIN channel cannot even touch upon it

  9. Jesus I know 2 people who have killed themselves they lost so much money on bitcoin why would anybody touch it?

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