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Altcoin News – Coinbase Ventures? George Soros Bullish Now? Monex buys Coincheck, Japanese Demand?

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This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we welcome Mark to the team who looks at trading analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum and gives us his thoughts on them. We also have an update from Coinbase which is going to invest in cryptocurrency startups. George Soros set to invest in cryptocurrency. Indian cryptocurrency users launch an online petition against RBI over the recent ban. Monex buys cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck for ¥3.6bn. Cryptocurrency Demand is So Strong That Japan Can’t Find Enough Coders. Fundstrat’s Tom Lee says bitcoin price set to rise in late-April after tax day. We also look at updates on Electroneum, and WaBi.



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  1. Soros is only interested in wealth and power. He and the Rothschilds continue the march to control governments through monetary espionage and ambush. They want a globalist Orwellian society where their control is undisputed and absolute.

  2. Soro's want you defenseless to protect yourself & family, and country. Do not trust him. He wants the NWO. He thinks your like cattle, he is pro monsanto.

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  4. Great information would love a review of howdoo and invacio they both have world changing potential in my opinion

  5. Soros is a EVIL that is truly understandable and should not be PROMOTED. His hands in this ecosystem is not for good purpose!!!

  6. Love the vid. The news segment is always informative. If you take a few mins and review Invacio. Thanks in advance mate!!

  7. The new E3 miners will have a major effect on Ethereum and possibly ETC whenever they get delivered late July. I feel like when that happens a lot of money will start coming into the market again because of a big price increase and FOMO.

  8. This is nice TA with news…. In India basically they are saying crypto not banned but don't bring it up to the banking system.. You do trading with cash or like offline, p2p… Simply dusting their hands

  9. Hey Mark – great news summary as always. Thanks. What do you think of Invacio. I am going to put a lot into it. I really believe it's going to be the biggest ICO of this year, closely followed by Howdoo, Zeex and Aworker. I would love to hear what you think. Cheers

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  11. I have a technical analysis for you guys, it’s either going to go up or go down. I’m usually correct 99.9% of the time. Stop trying to predict this market no one knows what’s going on…

  12. 70% of the stocks in the Japanese stock market are owned by the Japanese central bank in ETFs. Which makes Japan a zombie economy. Bitcoin is only being kept alive because of its use in Japan. It's all a Zombie ponzi scheme.

  13. I like this new guy, Mark. He's concise (doesn't babble and go into long nonsense preambles), has good cadence, and seems to know what he's talking about.

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