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5 Predictions For The Next 10 Years Of Bitcoin / Crypto

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Source: https://hackernoon.com/what-will-bitcoin-look-like-in-twenty-years-7e75481a798c


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  1. haha, three years ago when I predicted government and corporate cryptos, EVERYONE ridiculed me. These days it's okay to make such predictions.

    LESSON LEARNED: Ignore the haters and trust your instincts, vigorously.

  2. Vechain is the super project, and the first crypto “killer app” that will be adopted is the tracking of your consumables or other products you buy or want to understand from your smartphone.

  3. I wonder if you could look into a project called Neurochain and give your thoughts on it. I understand that if you researched every request there wouldn't be the time in the day. But if you did find a bit of time to look at it would be appreciated.

  4. dude…. none of your recommendations went good and well.. all in all you just have no clue about investing and crypto space.. please stop making videos, thank u

  5. Governments will eventually add cryptocurrency along with fiat, until fiat is fully phased out and crypto will then be the main currency…. next 15 yrs…

  6. I believe the answer to #5 or at least the closest I know of right now is Minexcoin. They are building an entire ecosystem around the coin to make it valuable. I’m stoked on it

  7. Love your videos pal, always awesome content been following your channel since 2017. Lets talk I have 20,000 Followers on LinkedIn and growing pal, have a proposition to share? Keep up the good work I have learned a lot from you. Lets go to the next level and talk.

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