5 Altcoins I am Looking to Buy as Cryptocurrency Price Appears Low IMO

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Here is a look at some of the altcoins I am looking to buy at these prices. those coins and tokens include, NANO, ICON, WAX TOKEN, VECHAIN and Binance Coin.

At Altcoin Buzz we are strictly operating off of opinion and our own personal hype, we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research. We do not hold any professional or legal paperwork to offer professional advice. If you choose to follow any of our opinions from our videos you are doing so under your own free will.


  1. HedgeConnect is the world’s first crypto hedge fund. I love Hedgeconnect because is the revolution and the most promising platform here in the crypto environment.
    ICO soldout in record time and launch of the internal exchange on 26 February.
    Team available 24/7 – Big partnerships with Bitcoin Diamond – Low risk investment with high profits!

  2. Please feel free to send me some Cryptos If you don't want them, or are feeling particularly generous  😉  <3
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  3. Guys, keep in mind that he is just reading their websites ( don't look at this as a review ) and hopes that you invest in the same coins…

  4. Hello J,
    just a quick question, if you had $100 would you invest it in bitcoin gold or icon?
    thanks dude.

  5. Dude you talk in your videos like we are little kids or something. Start addressing the audience like a man and forget about the little whiners! Get the job done & forget about the babies. If your so worried about retaining every subscriber then your going to turn off a lot of people! Git Er Done!

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  7. Good picks! Another one that's REALLY undervalued you might want to look into is ONG Social – Decentralized social network… trading ridiculously low on Etherdelta right now! GREAT project

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