😱WHAT??! Silicon Valley To Feature “ICO” Episode! / Buffet Hates On Bitcoin / EOS Pre-Release Bugs

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00:00 Introduction
01:12 Crypto Invest Summit
01:59 SBD Token Give-Away Last Day!
03:10 Market Overview
03:51 TRON pumpers
05:53 Patreon Telegram Group
07:11 EOS Pre-Release Bugs
10:43 EOS.cybex.io (EOS Official Website)
18:40 Silicon Valley To Feature “ICO” Episode
21:20 Closing thoughts

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►Security Audit Firm Discovers EOS Vulnerability – https://cryptocoinspy.com/security-audit-firm-discovers-critical-vulnerability-in-eos-smart-contract-system/

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  1. Please remember to hit the LIKE button, if you dig the show 😀 Have a fantastic week's start, friends!

  2. Dude why are you always asking your audience what they think in the comments? Most of your audience is uneducated about crypyo and are here to learn. I would rather hear your expert opinion on what are the best cryptos to invest in and why. I get that you want engagement with your audience but this isn't sports. Just my thoughts.

  3. Investing; Something that everyone does whether they realize they are investing or not. Fact; you place your bets on many different systems that have past performance that doesn't necessarily indicate future results including the notion that fiat currencies will hold their value. By my estimation we will see a meaningful relationship between the us dollar and the total cryptocurrency market capitalisation at around 2 to 4 trillion usd of total cryptocurrency marketcap. It will roll many investor heads as to the seriousness of the relationship

  4. ….." Shilling something called SUB ".
    Come on Mate! You're into Crypto Tech and you don't know about Substratum that is fighting global internet censorship and the net neutrality repeal by implementing a Decentralize internet. Substratum has just gone open source which proves they have achieved their goal and are now working towards mainstream adoption. No need for extra hardware, etc. Any day now just download the Node and you're on.
    Definitely worth looking into if you're serious about looking at projects that are actually doing something in the Sphere instead of pure speculative plays. #Substratum

  5. That vulnerability found by Lian Tech was proven to be incorrect. The problem was with the Dapp coding not the EOS platform or the code that EOS currently has available. I've never heard of Lian Tech before, but It would be in their best interest to write a follow up article admitting their mistake. Dan the man debunked the claim in a medium post which you can view here: https://medium.com/@bytemaster/debunking-claimed-vulnerability-in-eosio-smart-contract-system-9fa1ca2a6428

  6. It's definitely early days for EOS as a platform and as a currency/token. IMHO, the real history will begin in the early June, once the mainnet goes live.

  7. Dan Larimer (EOS) made an article today on medium about the FUD on the platform security. He basically say there a lot of Haters!!

  8. The platform I would use is Lisk. Its one of the javascript based platforms, and javascript/nodejs/expressjs is where I learned to program. I'm already using javascript for front and backends on projects that are making money, so it just makes sense for me to give it a shot.

  9. I follow your channel because of unbiased news. I think this Tron article is a bit one sided. I am in two of the Tron official groups and anyone bringing up pump and dump gets warned and deleted. Agreed though, discussions are general and not tech related. Buffet is great and only value things where we can create valuation based on models. I believe, once these startups like EOS, AION, ICON etc have working product generating revenue, he will be on board.

  10. Hey boss, would you use your platform to try to contact HOB and let them know that their Silicon Valley story is the REAL LIFE version of Substratum lol? All we need is for SUB to contact HBO and pay for Pied Piper to rebrand to Substratum. It's not that far fetched haha. Call up SUB call up HBO…lets do this! haha

  11. Buffet is heavily invested in US banks.. like Wells Fargo.. the company repeated caught committing massive fraud against their customers as a business practice. I think Buffet is well aware that Crypto is challenging his banking empire so his cognitive bias won't allow him to admit his banking investments are being challenged.

  12. EOS is going to disapoint a lot of people when it doesn't fail and ETH daps start jumping ship because they realize that's the only way they can scale in any meaningful time frame. I hope your strapped in!!!

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