📢 BREAKING NEWS: ETH Is Not A Security According To SEC, Ripple At Crypto Summit, & Much More News!

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  1. Why would anyone care what the SEC says? Think about it for a moment. SEC says that Ethereum is not a Security and it's because its decentralized. Hold on a second. Let me get this straight. Why would the SEC say this now? Also shouldn't they known for the past years that the crypto market main goal is to be decentralized? Why are they not mentioning anything about Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, etc. Weren't those coins been around for a couple of years. Oh I know…it's because those coins…are NOT in the paper market. Notice they mention only Bitcoin and Ethereum while they are trading in the shady stock market but could not mention it in 2017. Why? Because the EFT did not exist til early this year. How is this really good news? I call it manipulated "good news". So the price can go high. How did today it just went from 262 bil to 289 bil within a day for this type of news? Sorry but the SEC has no credibility (nor people even care who these officials are in the SEC) and they do no care about the tech. This is just my opinion.

  2. I hope we go to 800$ soon, I am not even sure, if I am not considering selling at that point. I say 800, because this was little under the highest we have seen in recent period, after the February collapse. Everyone I know, and all people in the chat rooms of the mining app I am using, are saying hodl as long as you can. Do not sell, unless really necessary, only if unavoidable. So what happens is everybody are holding, and if the prices do not go up this Christmas, god forbid that it even goes lower to scare people really good, with falling, instead of hitting sky-high rates, everyone will start selling. What happens then is everyone produces, mining, and I see that people do not sale, there are not many sales going on in general, meaning we are all holding. If what I described above happens, then everyone will say, my god it did not raise it falls even more, sell…. Everybody is selling BTC, ETH, ZEC, DCR, and then the coins, mainly these 3 can hit 2 figure numbers. I hope I am wrong, I really do.

  3. I'm subscribed to your channel and usually don't comment anything (just raise my thumb up)… but since you've promised you'll read this – this episode was very interest to watch, probably because good news. Even BitConnect is happy – it is 7.41% in a green at the moment according to the CoinMarketCap.

  4. Todays bump in price makes me sad.. i was bout to buy some ETH but now i'ma just gonna hold off an hope it heads south again but it won't and i'll miss out because i'm stupid

  5. ETH is great concept however no one will use when gas is requires for all transactions people will not pay for this get into reality eos is the only top ten including bitcoin that has practical current use case not speculation bitcoin 7k when hardly any one accepts it OOOOOOK

  6. who gives a ** about the SEC – the whole point in crypto is its decentralized – meaning no government or central muppets trying to regulate crypto – so who cares what the US government is trying to do – crypto is decentralized and belongs to us the people of the entire world – not the US government thinking what they like

  7. the two FBI agents that visited me were Catholic as well . . I'm a very popular anti-zionist . . The Joo-crew loves to report people who are aware of their zio-crimes crimes. That being said. . the pope wears a Jew cap. . And yeah I'm catholic too. . It's a small world. .

  8. Interesting that the SEC news came out one day after Coinbase released it's index fund

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