🎊 How To Register Your EOS Tokens Using The Ledger Nano S

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  1. Thank you so much dude for all you do but especially this video the most precise and easy to follow one available that I can see relief that my tokens are sorted, tron next but not so concerned all good then ICX and oh shoot few ICX damn it QRL coming up almost forgot my NAS lol have to get used to this Peace 🙂

  2. Thanks for Video on how to Thumbs up!!!

    Question Ive completed everything but don't understand my why we do the create EOS generator key when i register my wallet in my Ledger on my Ether wallet. is it because these will be my new Public and Private keys for my New EOS Chain tokens? so when the snap shot happens will they move to this new address and then i have to send them to my Ledger addresses after?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Quick question – can I follow this new registration process using the public address of my current MEW/Ledger account where my existing EOS tokens reside or do I need to create a new MEW?

  4. I registered my EOS from MEW just as shown in the video, but my balance on MEW and on the eoscountdown site shows zero balance. It does say my MEW address was registered on the EOS countdown website. I do see the EOS was transferred from my MEW to a contract address in the transaction history. Where did my EOS go?

  5. I have a VPN so I can access the website. So can I just generate the EOS public/private keys from the website and follow the same process here with the Mycrypto wallet to register with a Ledger Nano S?

  6. I cannot get the Ethereum extension to open on my nano s, it just loops back around to enter my pin. I snagged some EOS and parked it on Exodus.

    I mine directly to my Exodus wallet to avoid exchange fees. I am going to have to do a deep dive on trouble shooting the ledger.

    Because I am still a ledger nano S novice I only transfered Dogecoin to test sending something with low value in case I screwed it up, but it worked nicely.

    I wish I had more time to spend on it, but I have been bogged down running 12 guage wire and adding 20 amp circuit breakers, adding 20 amp outlets and ground faults now that I am running 4 mining rigs, A/C and R-13 insulation since about 30 video cards can make it kind of warm.

    I didn't like how warm the 15 amp sockets felt, and found a sloppy ground fault with bare wire touching the plastic on the back of the 15 amp socket.

    I now have x21 outlets installed across x6 20 amp circuit breakers and it seems pretty happy and every single wire is cool to the touch even with x8 1050 watt power supply units running at one time.

    Mean while I am working on wiring a 12'×30' detached garage where I will eventually get the rigs moved to once I insulate it with R-30 and install a HVAC system and get a second internet connection ran from the other side of the street since we have two different incoming lines, but I will still run a hub from the house to eliminate a single internet point of failure.

    Also designed a specific mining rig frame for 8 GTX 1070's and got the foot print down to 12"×24" out of 3/4" angled aluminum which are stackable. Initial design and prefabrication was very time consuming, to get the ends truly square, so I could put three rivets on every corner to make it very secure.

    Guess, I need to make some time and find some good walk throughs on the ledger nano s.

    Thanks for this information.

    Peace Brah.

    Very Respectfully,

  7. Thanks for a very useful video,, does any one know what happens to unregistered tokens ? i am sure some ppl will miss out the registration process for whatever reason

  8. Is it normal for the pairing to take awhile. I got the green part but when I checked the official eos site it said it wasn’t registered yet. It’s been about 20 mins

  9. Although I am careful I still worry about this. How would I or anyone else know if our machines are compromised. We wouldnt so its incredibly risky. I just cant seem to think of any 100% safe way of doing this. 🙁

  10. Great video Omar but lots of comments below in regards to the legitimacy of the 3rd party private key generator.
    I don't believe I have seen a comment where you address this directly (I could be wrong however)!
    Care to take a stab at it and put a few people more at ease?

  11. Nice Video ! Just to check after I had Registered what should I do with my EOS tokens in my MyEther Wallet ? Just leave it there or I have to transfer to the Exchange ?

  12. The links after following the steps showed a different lay out as it showed up in this vid. Just verify it.
    I already registered my eos tokens somewhow, thanks anyway and thumbs up!

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